Censorship In America

Big Brother

UNITED STATES—America its time for us to have a serious conversation about an issue that is plaguing our country involving Freedom of Speech.  The First Amendment is one of those laws that almost all Americans are well aware of.  There’s just one problem with the idea behind Freedom of Speech: you really don’t have it.  The law prevents the government from infringing on your rights to voice your public opinion, but it does not protect you from public scrutiny.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are well aware of the scandal involving the CBS reality competition series “Big Brother 15” which has seen a sleuth of racist, homophobic, sexist and misogynistic comments made by some of the houseguests.  I used to be a fan, but there is no way in the world I can support a show that allows such tomfoolery to take place in 2013.  Come on people its 2013, but to listen to these ignorant and despicable beings spew such hatred pisses me off.

Houseguests Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman have really thrown some nasty comments about other houseguests underneath their breathe.  My question is would they actually say that to the person’s face?  If you have the guts to spew it in privacy why not say it out loud?  There’s one problem Aaryn and GinaMarie doesn’t realize,Americaknows what you’re saying and they’re not happy about it at all.

Both houseguests have already been fired from their current employment, but because they’re locked away in seclusion they have no idea!  Its crazy.  I personally want to see both evicted for their comments because in a strange way we’re allowing Americans to continue to be disposed to the comments, but this is about ratings.

Those are not the only houseguests who have spewed such hatred.  Spencer Clawson, Jeremy McGuire and Kaitlin Barnaby are also guilty of nasty comments.  I’d love the contestants to get a small weekly update from the American public informing them of what they think about them; nothing as nasty as what they have spewed themselves, but for them to realize, just because you think you’re loved doesn’t mean that sentiment is for all.

Everyone in the public sphere is talking about the series, even host Julie Chen addressed the issue on her talk show “The Talk” on Monday about the comments being made by houseguest.  I wonder if she’ll take the opportunity to address the issue once the houseguests are eliminated?  I’m almost certain she will, just think about this, imagine contestants getting heavily booed upon being booted out of the house?  It sounds almost epic.

If you take a look at the blogs and various sites you will see people harp on the concept of Freedom of Speech, but countless individuals have pointed out its from the government, not the public sphere.  We are a protective culture nowadays when it comes to hateful commentary in the public. As a nation, we have an obligation to not allow prejudices, stereotypes and hatred to be spread to the masses.

Its unfortunate we live in a culture where racism, prejudices, sexism and homophobia continues to exist after centuries of Americans fighting against it.  We’ve made great strides, but there is so much more to be done.  If we do not put a stop to it now, we’re simply saying its okay to spew such things and a new generation will continue to do the same.Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Spencer and GinaMarie did not just learn this hatred on their own, they were taught it.

This is not an argument to censor what people say because people are going to say what they want to say behind closed doors; we really can’t control that.  However, we can send a message that even though you may not be prosecuted under the law for your comments, the public can shun you in a way that you learn there are consequences from your actions. The one contestant from “Big Brother 15” that concerns me the most isAaryn.  This girl is non-stop with her comments, but upon conviction she’ll discoverAmericais not so forgiving for her actions and she’ll have to take a deep look inside herself to ask the question “Who am I?”

I’m eagerly dying to hear about one of the houseguest confronting the others about their hateful words; let’s be honest it will be explosive, but calling them out on their actions will shed light on bad behavior and expose it to all of America, as well as the other houseguests.  I get it’s a game about money, but dignity is priceless.  Someone who will stand for nothing will fall for anything, so you’re just as guilty as the person who spews such evil in my opinion.

“Big Brother” is a game of self-exploration, but this current season has sparked a conversation about prejudice, homophobia, racism and sexism, that has not been talked about in a reality series.  Its unfortunate, but it’s a conversation that hasindeed made the public aware of issues that we continue to sweep under the rug.

By Trevor Roberts