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Chance Chancellor Arrives On “Young And Restless!”

The will of the great Katherine Chancellor is still under scrutiny on "The Young and the Restless."

HOLLYWOOD─At last, it’s about time. We have heard the name Chance Chancellor more times than I can count, and he made his return to Genoa City on last Friday’s episode of “The Young and the Restless.’ Chance returned to town in a fury as he delivered a vicious punch to Cane’s face. Now for those of you who have been MIA to the soap lately, there has been some trickery going on with the will of the late great, Katherine Chancellor, as the hands of a mystery man, that EVERYONE assumed was Chance.

Hmm, I knew it wasn’t Chance the moment that Amanda made it slip that she was dealing with an old buzzard. Last time I check, Chance was not old, which made me immediately think it was Colin, Cane’s father, and Jill’s on again and off again lover. It seems like the perfect scheme because why in the world would Katherine leave all of her money to Cane of all people? I mean Cane isn’t even blood, Devon is, Tucker is, Chance is, Cane when he first came to town was an imposter people.

Jill threw out the theory of Colin being the culprit because of a familiar emblem she spotted on an envelope, but the audience has yet to see Colin in the flesh, which means while the theory I would argue is about 95 percent accurate, you never truly know until you get that confirmation. This narrative gets even more twisted because apparently Amanda Sinclair is not actually Amanda Sinclair, which raises an even crazier question: who the hell is this woman?

Chance’s return to town seems tied to the mystery involving Chelsea and Simon. Yes, Simon has come to town threatening to blow the lid on Chelsea’s dirty dealings if she didn’t give him $1 million. Chelsea scrambled to keep things tight-lipped even suggesting Adam take Connor on a trip to ensure her son’s protection. However, things got out of hand when Simon pulled a gun on Adam, Chelsea and Abby. Little did the trio know that Chance was in town to dismantle Simon of all people, which some would argue is no coincidence.

With that said, Adam looked like a hero preventing harm from transpiring to his little sister or the mother of his child. Hmm, it certainly feels like the “Y&R” writers are looking to push Chelsea and Adam back together, leaving Nick as the third wheel yet again. Is the storyline slightly boring? Yes, it’s been seen more than once, and repetition in the soap world can get stale real fast. In addition, Chance is flirting with Abby is who desperate for a love interest. Sorry, but this woman has been so unlucky in love that its long over do. Not to mention Chance suspects that Simon and Katherine’s will are tied together. That is a very interesting development that I did not consider at all, but if Colin is the mastermind I could see him making such a movie to load his pockets with even more money.

It wouldn’t be “Y&R” if we didn’t’ talk about another familiar face returning to the fold in Ashley Abbott. She came to town and offered Theo a job with her company in Paris, which only fueled more fire between Jack and Ashley. Talk about sibling rivalry people, because Kyle is livid that Theo has literally immersed himself in his family, just as Summer returned to town and is wedging herself into Kyle’s predicament. Like I said, expect Lola and Theo to hook up, and Summer and Kyle to rekindle their spark. Plenty, and I mean plenty is taking place on “The Young and the Restless,” but I’m still waiting for the big bomb to drop considering this is November sweeps.

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