HOLLYWOOD─It is very difficult to wow audiences in the soap arena, but “Days of Our Lives” has done it yet again with an ingenious twist. With November sweeps upon us, “Days” implemented something so amazing, so gripping in the storyline telling aspect that I’m kicking myself for not thinking about it. When we last left Salem a week ago, we were in the present. However, a time jump has transpired, one that at first I thought might be longer than expected, but it’s only a year.

However, lot more has transpired in that year than people imagine. So much that I’m not certain where to even start. One thing that is certain is that Jennifer has awoken from her coma. Remember she was pushed from the balcony by Princess Gina. Too bad no one is aware of that except Jen, who can’t fully remember what has transpired. With that said, Jack assured her the person responsible for her fall has been arrested, that person turned out to be Eve Donovan.

In other chaos, Abigail and Chad are back in Salem. I’ve always loved these two, especially Abigail’s portrayer Kate Mansi, who is a terrific actress. What brought their sudden return to Salem, I can only imagine was Jennifer’s fall. However, all is not well for the Deveraux family. J.J. has skid down a dark path, and the kid is looking rough. Remember J.J. was a wild child for quite some time with Theresa Donovan, and it looks like he has spiraled down that dark path yet again. I’m eager to see exactly what led to the kid’s spiral.

We have to chat about Sarah’s secret. I was certain Kristen spilled the tea to Eric about Sarah carrying his baby, but some way, somehow, Sarah and Xander found a way to convince Eric to believe her child belongs to Xander and not him. Hmm, I don’t see how Eric could not connect the dots, and I’m certain this baby bombshell will come to light either this month or in time for February sweeps and expect the fallout to be gargantuan.

There is even bigger news to talk about especially that nifty twist at the end of Monday’s episode. Jordan Ridgeway has been murdered, and as we all know it looks like Ben was framed for the crime. Why so? He’s in the slammer for his sister’s murder, and it seems Ciara has moved on from her serial killer reformed boy toy (at least that is what she wants her grandfather, Victor to think). With that said, Ben was recounting the events leading up to his demise, when the camera panned to the top of the bunk to reveal Will Horton!

Yes, Will is jail, but the question all “Days” fans want to know is WHY? Well, Will apparently murdered Adrienne, but the audience does not yet know all the details of the how and why. This is similar to “General Hospital” revealing Robin to be very much alive after that hospital explosion, as well as “The Bold and the Beautiful” out of the blue reintroducing Sheila Carter to the foray as the shooter responsible for wanting take out Quinn Fuller.

However, a bigger shock for fans is the revelation that all actors and actresses on “Days of Our Lives” have been let go out of their contracts. Yes, this news dropped this week and it left EVERYONE including myself baffled, stunned and confused. Does this mean “Days of Our Lives” is cancelled? Not quite, but the future of the soap is indeed at risk, but fans should not worry because “Days” tapes months in advance, so episodes should air thru summer 2020, but what happens after that is anyone’s guess. With such genius in writing taking place, I can only hope “Days of Our Lives” stays on the air. It will be a sad day to lose another soap America!