HOLLYWOOD—I knew the return of Vivian Alamain would be wicked on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives,” but I didn’t think it would be connected to the late, great, Victor Kiriakis. Why? Vivian is apparently still married to Victor, and Maggie and Vic were never legally married. Yes, Victor’s Will has suddenly disappeared, and Vivian has claimed stake to all of Victor’s wishes because his Will is suddenly out of the picture.

Maggie is not pleased with this turn of events, neither is Justin, Alex or Brady. Speaking of Alex and Brady, they are in Greece hoping to score information on what Victor was doing before that fateful plane crash. However, they had an unexpected stowaway on their trip, Theresa Donovan. Yes, the wicked one is back and already causing plenty of havoc people. For starters, she tried going after Brady, but he was not interested. She spotted Alex at Victor’s funeral and it appears she has the hots for him. Stephanie seemed annoyed at first, but they are indeed blood, so to see Alex occupied with someone is good for Chad.

The problem is that Theresa has an ulterior motive. She is after Victor’s Will or legal documents and I’m starting to suspect she might be in cahoots with Vivian, but the bigger question is why? I mean you know it’s bad when Theresa’s father, Shane, yes that Shane people, shows up to confront his daughter, and her brother, Alex also suspects his sister is up to no good. I mean with all these people cornering Theresa their suspicions have to be accurate right?

Time will indeed tell, but there is way more chaos to talk about in Salem. Gwen and Kristen are aligning to bring Leo and Dimitri to their knees. Yes, Gwen has been playing dumb for weeks about Leo and Dimitri’s torrid affair. Looks like money is the one thing everyone in Salem is after because now Kristen and Gwen are aligned to get their hands on that fortune, just as Vivian introduced herself to Dimitri with her ties to Carly people. If you don’t know who Carly is, please look it up.

The biggest wildcard here is Stefan and Gabi. They know Dimitri’s secret and have even spilled to him they are aware, and they want something in return to stay quiet, his shares to DiMera and a piece of the pie as well. Looks like Dimitri might not have anything left if he gets his hands on the full fortune. With that said, I wonder if Gwen or Gabi will be the casualty of this move because we know Gabi is vacating the canvas real soon, but rumor has it that Gwen may soon vacate as well. Dimitri has talked about murdering Gabi and Stefan, but Leo seemed ambivalent to that, but who knows when it comes to Dimitri if he’s cornered.

John finally met his father portrayed by Dick Van Dyke, and Belle is dealing with major problems in her marriage with Shawn. His drinking is getting out of control, which has led to him sleeping with Talia. Yes, those two had one too many drinks and fell into bed as a result. Now, Shawn is keeping mum on his tryst and Jada knows her sister slept with her co-worker. Talk about a mess people.

Something worth pointing out is that Chanel and Johnny reunited, just as Ava and Harris begin their mission in London to locate Susan Banks. One thing for sure is that Susan is being held against her will. If Susan was alive she would have returned to Salem and alerted EJ of her fate, because revenge is on his mind. He hired Joyce to take out Ava, but Ava turned the tables. Nicole is aware of EJ’s antics and wants him to change his ways with their daughter on the way (it’s not his daughter people).

EJ wants blood on Ava’s skin and I cannot blame him. This woman has gotten away with so much and it’s long overdue. Speaking of Ava, it seems she might have the hots for Harris which could be something to watch out for in the coming days.