UNITED STATES—I vividly recall my school trips, which I find odd considering how long ago those trips to the zoo, museums, theaters and so many other educational places transpired, when I was in elementary school. However, one of my fondest trips was to the apple orchard. Please don’t ask me why because I cannot give you an explanation as to why that is the case.

I loved the apple orchard, but the crazy thing is I have not been to one since elementary school, and a relative recently mentioned taking a trip and it has gotten me to start looking at potential locations. There are quite a few that I can visit in my current region, but I’m more a fan of the Apple Orchard where you can pick your apples off the trees. It is fun to do and it helps you create memories with kids and family at the same time.

Plus, those bagged apples that some of the Apple Mills and Apple Orchards indulge in are not great. I don’t want a bag of all the same variety of apples. I want a mix. I mean you have Gala, Braeburn, MacIntosh, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Honey Crisp, Pink Lady, Sweet Tango, the list goes on and on, and trust me each apple has a different taste, different texture and they cook differently, even if people seem to suspect otherwise.

The apple picking is just one portion of visiting the orchard, you also have Apple Cider, which I will admit I’m not a fan of nor do I indulge in it that much. It makes my throat scratchy and itchy, so I steer clear of it in most situations whenever possible. If the cider is not your cup of tea, then you have the donuts. Cider donuts are incredible and they have a unique taste and texture that is so satisfying and you can only get during a specific time of year.

So between apple picking, eating donuts, drinking cider, you have that one thing that makes plenty of people happy, especially the kids. Any idea as to what I’m referring to? It’s picking out the perfect pumpkin. Granted I think when I was in elementary school, we were picking out the smaller pumpkins, which were actually pie pumpkins and NOT actual pumpkins.

I love pumpkins because it allows a kid to express their creativity by craving the pumpkin to their liking. For me, I love a scary carved pumpkin, but at the same time I can do a silly one too. You might be surprised with the things a true artist can do with a pumpkin, which sometimes amazes me, if I’m being honest. Going to the Apple Orchard is just a day of absolute fun and plenty to do, not to mention you’re allowed to be in nature which is always fun and a good time.

There is one caveat though, bees. I have no clue why bees are so potent during the months of September and October, but they are so if you’re headed to the Apple Orchard be aware of those pesky insects that hover around the apples, the cider, the donuts and the pumpkins.