UNITED STATES—Relationships are complicated.  Men think like men and women think like women.  Will we ever understand the opposite sex?  Never, we’d have to live in their bodies for a few years to completely understand the struggles and emotional roller coaster that women and men encounter.  A bigger discussion here is to tackle the issue of infidelity when it comes to relationships.

Can men be monogamous?  Without a doubt yes.  Men are not biologically trained to cheat, that’s an argument that I will never buy, no matter how many times I hear it.  There are some men out there, who are faithful in their marriages and relationships, yet we never get the pat on the back.

If a person cheats it’s for a reason, they were never happy in the relationship to begin with; if they were they would have no reason to seek out another partner.  People cheat because they’re looking for something they’re not getting in their current relationship. The problem I have is the belief that men cheat more than women.  Guess what women cheat just as much as men do, the only difference is they don’t get caught as much.

If you notice a drastic change in your significant other’s behavior that is a sign. If you’ve been with someone long enough, you are well aware of what makes them tic.  Are men guilty of having a wandering eye, of course, we’re men! But guess what women have a wandering eye as well; just because you look does not signal you’re intending to cheat.

The bigger issue to address is once you’ve caught your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend cheating would you give them a second chance.  My answer is no.  If you cheated on me once, you’ll do it again. Once a cheater always a cheater, begging for a second chance will not change a person; that level of trust that was once in the relationship is gone.  Once trust is broken it’s extremely difficult to get it back.  I’m inclined to think that men are more likely to give their female counterparts a second opportunity if they cheat; however, I believe women are more likely to give their male counterparts the boot.

I heard an interesting argument this week about the issue of cheating.  Is more at stake if you’re in a relationship with someone for 20-30 years and they cheat on you, what do you do?  My first response you walk.  Others tend to think you can’t just throw all those years away.  Why not?  Who’s to say that person has been cheating on you for the past 15-20 years of your relationship.

To make the argument simple, a cheater plans to cheat; nothing you can do will prevent that.  If a person is truly in love with someone the idea of cheating will never happen, because if you cheat you’re inclined to shatter someone’s heart.  If you love someone that is not a type of emotional pain you’d want to inflict on them.  So in the end if you’re in a relationship and you’re planning to cheat, just end the relationship and move on; you can’t have your cake and eat it too!

By Trevor Roberts