SAN FRANCISCO—Another car robbery took place in San Francisco on Monday, December 6 which involved a visiting family from Chicago and their two toddlers. 

The robbery took place in a minivan where the driver’s two nieces were sitting in the back seat. The driver suddenly heard a smash and looked to the back seat. She found a person in a mask and black gloves reaching into the car for a bag that contained a laptop, a passport, and the two toddlers birth certificates. The strap of the bag was reported to be attached to one of the children’s headrests. 

The suspect successfully completed the robbery. The suspect ran into a vehicle that appeared to be waiting for him with the bag containing the victim’s belongings.

The victim claimed that she has a GPS device on her laptop to help locate the missing items. This case is currently under investigation. There have been no reports of injuries. 

This incident has been one of many smash-and grab robberies that have been taking place in the Bay Area.