Chinese-American Film-TV Festival Hits Hollywood

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

HELLO AMERICA!—I was very excited when hearing that Chinese film producers were joining hands with Hollywood, planning the kind of festival which allows the two countries to promote some of their best creative motion picture productions. Of course, it was a wiser move in convincing young producer Michael Plaster to be the Production Coordinator for the event.

When speaking with Plaster, he was overwhelmed with the possibilities being made for building bridges between Hollywood and China filmmakers. “A chance of investment flow would flow from both directions; we decided that the Los Angeles Convention Center is perfect for the event which is scheduled for September 28-29,” said Plaster.

It was further noted by Plaster that it will be a perfect time for home-based filmmakers to share ideas including broadcasting techniques with like-minded professionals from the U.S and China. “Not to make light of possible funding of your next major project,” he added.

Zhao Shangsen, Consul at the Chinese Consulate General of Los Angeles stated, “I am confident the First Annual UCFTI expo will live up to expectations.” There was a dynamic positive response from Antonio Villaraigosa, former Mayor of Los Angeles, who quickly added: “The UCFTI is an opportunity for the cross fertilization of talent and expertise creating a platform around the business side of the industry.”

He also added that no matter where one travels in the world, one of the first questions always concerns Hollywood and its stars. “Our industry is loved and respected around the globe and we should use it to spread cooperation in every area possible as well as peace,” Villaraigosa said.

Eric Garcetti, current mayor of L.A., sums it up quite succinctly: “The purpose of this expo is to traverse frontiers and build bridges between Hollywood and China and China and Hollywood. The investment flow is going both directions and we’re exited to see that.”

Michael Plaster also was impressed with the reaction from Ernest Wooden, president and CEO of the LA Tourism and Convention Board. “We also want to create a platform for industry professionals to seek co-production opportunities. Los Angeles is ready to roll out the red carpet,” said Wooden.

Plaster emphasized something quite profound when noting that Los Angeles or Hollywood is quickly becoming a kind of UNITED NATIONS of sorts. “The world hungers for us to let them in and that’s GOOD!”