SAN FRANCISCO—Boulders that were placed on the sidewalks of Clinton Park last month were removed by officials from the city of San Francisco on Monday, September 30.City officials removed over two-dozen boulders from residential sidewalks. 

According to San Francisco Public Works Director of Communications Rachel Gordon, the city removed the boulders at the request of the neighbors who placed them there. Residents took to Twitter their thoughts on the boulders. 

Twitter user Danielle Baskin @Danielle-Baskin Anti-Rock Agitator tweeted:

The most thing startling thing to ever happen to me in 3 years of walking on Clinton Park was last week when an incognito CNN reporter said ‘Hey. Do you live on this block?’ That made my heart race. Nobody else existing on the sidewalk has ever jumped out and startled me.”

It was reported that the residents initially pooled together money to purchase and place the rocks to prevent the homeless from camping out and drugs away from the area.

Public Works Director Rachel Gordon told the San Francisco News that neighbors are going back to the drawing board for a new solution in place of the boulders.