HOLLYWOOD—Man, I love a great twist in the soap opera arena, and “Days of Our Lives” delivered on last week that left me shook. Never, in a million years would I have ever suspected Claire Brady, yes, that Claire is responsible for the cabin fire that nearly killed her aunt Ciara, but a bomb was dropped on audiences. I did not expect this twist in a million years and to see my jaw-drop while watching was utter fun. I mean I was certain Jordan or Ben started that first fire, but Claire wow this chick is crazy.

As Tripp and Ciara suspected Jordan of being the culprit, little did they know Claire started the fire and knew where Ciara was before anyone else! She kept it a secret, and nearly killed her aunt in the process. Yes, the family tree is complicated even though they are similar in age. Ciara is Claire’s aunt, and Claire is Ciara’s niece. I knew Claire was devious, I mean she lied about the modeling gig, she teamed up with Ben to break up Ciara and Tripp, she blew the casket on Rafe cheating on Hope, the girl will go to extreme lengths to get what she wants.

You have to love the soap arena, just when you think a major bomb has been dropped it was all a dream or premonition. I thought Claire revealed the truth; only to speculate what would happen if the truth about her role in the fire came to light. We can finally, put a bow on the Ciara and Ben storyline and allow those two to develop their feelings for one another more. Speaking of burgeoning relationships, it looks like Chloe and Stefan are getting chummy. That is good news for Stefan considering Chad and Abigail remarried and bid farewell to Salem last week.

Yes, people those two are no longer in Salem, at least for the time being. However, as relationships build others are crumbling. How so? Haley and JJ look caput after she discovered he told Jack about her situation. As a result, Eve, that treacherous woman, who still hasn’t learned after her daughter was killed, pushed Jack to reveal the truth.

Oh, Jack did it, and in a very public manner during a debate. Melinda Trask was blindsided and so was Haley who severed ties with JJ for his betrayal. Even Jennifer knew Eve was responsible for the bombshell, and her hatred for her enemy intensified, just as JJ decided it was better for him to cut his dear ole dad off. Jeez, Melinda is a selfish fiend; yes, your sister is an illegal immigrant, but at the end of the day, she is still your sister, show a bit of compassion already.

It seems Leo is indeed John’s long lost son with Diana and he is still holding onto that secret from Marlena and the rest of his family. Will and Sonny made bail, but Leo’s constant pestering has caused major issues in Salem, where Will reacted for once and punched Leo in the face after he disrespected his grandmother. I’m sorry I love Eric and Sarah together; those two just have chemistry that is epic. Rex is SO in love with Sarah that he proposed and she was taken aback. All this while Eric was about to FINALLY confess his true feelings?

If you thought the fire was one thing, don’t ever mess with a man that Claire wants, because it seems Haley is in need of housing and Tripp has come to her rescue. Too bad Claire’s jealously will lead to the truth coming out. I know see the writing is on the wall for Claire to exit Salem. The question to be asked is just how it will transpire: in handcuffs or will she skip town?