HOLLYWOOD—I had promising hopes for the eighth season of the hit legal drama “Suits.” I knew things would be tough with the departure of Mike Ross and Rachel Zane, but I felt the audience was really going to get some adult heavy drama this season. Did we get that? Somewhat, but not quite what I expected, as things wrapped up. For those of you in the dark, “Suits” has been renewed for a ninth and final season on USA that is set to debut this summer.

So where do we begin with this finale? MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched the episode stop reading now! Let’s just say a very long-awaited romance that should have transpired eons ago, FINALLY came to fruition between Harvey and Donna! We will talk more about that in a bit. The episode was cleverly titled, ‘Harvey’ which found our legal eagle in hot water yet again, with Daniel Hardmann ready to take down Mr. Specter for breaking privilege.

Donna’s relationship with Thomas was in hot water because of his latest stunt and her inability to keep her mouth shut. Samantha found herself viciously attacked and robbed while talking to Robert on the phone. I found the situation a stunning development considering she was willing to go to extreme lengths to help Louis with his case. For those in the dark, Louis was recently robbed and his assailant found a way to weasel through the legal cracks.

Louis’ plate was heavy after learning the bad news from Harvey about Hardmann suing the firm. Samantha is a trooper because she was back at work the next day, just as Robert seemed to allude to some dark days coming. It’ll make perfect sense near the end of the episode. Harvey and Louis went to battle with Hardmann, Harvey didn’t want Donna’s help at all; and I cannot blame him. When she dips her foot in things, she makes them worse.

Samantha wanted to utilize her own route to nab the prep who mugged her. Harvey thought he had an edge over Hardmann, but his former colleague had the ammunition to take down his foe. Louis begged Thomas to consider helping the firm, but Donna’s lover refused to playball. Robert paid Daniel a visit to negotiate a deal; a good one on top of that. Zane was offering Hardmann an opportunity at getting his name at his old firm. Ballsy to say the least.

Samantha was livid upon learning that Robert wasn’t able to get her the justice she wanted against her mugger. At last we get a deeper backstory about Samantha. She was in foster care and was abused by her guardians. This high-powered attorney refuses to be a victim, and as I said her joining the cast was a major get; she brings so much fresh energy.

Louis and Harvey manifested leverage to target Simon’s CEO to neutralize the firm’s chance of exploding yet again. Just when Harvey and Louis thought they had a victory, Robert dropped the bomb that an ethics hearing could doom Harvey’s career. We’ve seen Mr. Specter angry, but this time he was livid, just as Donna realized her latest stunt might be unforgiveable. Donna got a bit of perspective from Alex about her relationship with Harvey that she never considered. Robert has been harboring secrets, and the fact that the audience didn’t learn that secret right away, kept the suspense heightened for me. Harvey took the hot seat at the ethics hearing, and Alex was the spade that Robert used to neutralize Hardmann by tossing his name out there. It left Hardmann speechless who turned to Thomas Kessler for confirmation.

It was a heated moment that left Robert Zane disbarred. Wow, he took a bullet for Harvey, which Hardmann couldn’t fully fathom. Samantha was upset that her mentor was responsible for the murder of her robber back in the day. She was not as stunned by the news as I expected; just when I starting to enjoy the character of Robert Zane, he leaves the firm. It seemed Harvey was starting to realize being alone was not the answer, especially after being turned down for burgers by both Alex and Robert. Harvey and Samantha have a ton in common; both lost mentors, both are fiery attorneys and find a way to weasel out of almost any situation.

The moment we’ve been waiting for: Harvey finally confessed his feelings for Donna by delivering a steamy kiss. I know something may have transpired between these two in the past, but to what degree the audience has never known. So how things will wrap up for Harvey, Louis, Donna and the rest of the gang is to be determined “Suits” fanatics!