HOLLYWOOD—I have thoroughly enjoyed the TNT series “Claws” since it premiered two years ago. It is something fresh, unique and just fun to watch. A group of nail techs, who are like family, but have a bevy of secrets along the way. The first season we got introduced to the women, the second season we saw MAJOR fractures between them, and this third season kicked off where that cliffhanger ended for season two with either Desna or Virginia being shot.

We got our answer: Virginia was shot taking a bullet for Desna who was in a tizzy realizing that someone is threatening her life and the people that she cares about most. I was certain that Virginia lost her left eye, but the bullet just grazed her. Looks like Desna getting her hands on that new casino courtesy of her dead hubby, might not be such good news after all. Jenn and Bryce have moved to Tampa to get away from all the chaos. One thing I can say is that Jenn and Bryce are not fitting into suburbia and as a result, they’ll move back to their original stomping grounds.

The talk of the episode was all the ladies Polly, Ann and Jenn learning about Virginia’s shooting. Another person not happy with Virginia’s shooting was Dean, who was out for blood. We already know Dean knows how to fire a gun, I mean he saved Desna from the Russian mob last season and he was out for blood. Roller was right by Desna’s side and considering where the series’ first started to where it is now, is funny. I mean Desna and company nearly killed Roller and kept it hidden and he was out for blood. Now he and Desna are thick as thieves.

Roller has severed ties to a degree with Uncle Daddy after realizing he may have been culpable in the demise of his father. It looks like the audience was immediately introduced to the new baddies for season three in Mac and Melba Lovestone, Desna’s partners in the casino she recently acquired who are hoping to buy her out. The one thing about Desna is she is no dummy; getting a $50,000 check from complete strangers will always raise eyebrows.

As Roller and Desna searched for the person(s) responsible for an attempt on her and Virginia’s life, Roller stumbled upon Mac and Melba torturing an employee who asked for a raise. The duo tracked the terrified employee to her home where they discovered sinister things about the Lovestones, not to mention Desna shouldn’t cash that $50,000 check. Uncle Daddy was suspect number one in Desna and Virginia’s shooting, but the deeper you dig, it became relevant he wasn’t culpable, but he knew who it was.

Roller and Desna received some Intel from Uncle Daddy’s boy toy, pointing the finger elsewhere, and they dispatched of that threat. However, it might have been an error of judgement. After killing another person, Roller and Desna made up. Desna learned her new partners are in the money laundering biz and they were taking in quite a bit, to the tune of $2 million each year. Virginia, Polly, Ann and Jenn weren’t so sure about getting entangled with the wrong people yet again.

After a bit of a discussion, the ladies agreed with Desna to get their keep. She didn’t want $50k she wanted HALF of all monies coming into the casino. I was indeed stunned by the reveal at the end of the episode. Why? Uncle Daddy had a gun pointed at his head and it turned out to be his secret lover/boy toy. The big surprise is that it was this guy who shot at Desna in revenge for her humiliating Uncle Daddy. Did not see that coming, which means we’ll see a battle between Desna and Uncle Daddy as the episode progresses and that Mac and Melba will be major thorns in Desna’s life as the season moves along. “Claws” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on TNT.