SAN FRANCISCO—On Sunday, July 19, San Francisco restaurant, Cliff House announced via social media that they will temporarily close their business. The closure will start on Monday, July 20. The restaurant indicated that the decisions they’ve made, which have lead to the temporary closure, have roots in current “economic pressures.”

“Due to economic pressure during this unprecedented situation, we have concluded that it would be best to preserve our remaining resources to ensure a continuance of future operations,” reads a statement from the Cliff House via Facebook.

According to the announcement, Cliff House reopened for take-out service in early June. The restaurant indicates that they will close the business until indoor dining service is allowed in the state of California.

“As most of you know by now, dine-in service in San Francisco is postponed due to the spike in Covid-19 cases. It is also widely known that takeout service alone is not enough to sustain the restaurant industry and it is only the ability to open at least partial dine-in along with takeout that allow some of us to survive,” reads the statement.

For more information about the closure of Cliff House restaurant, visit their website.