HOLLYWOOD—There has been plenty taking place on the Tyler Perry soapy new series “Too Close For Home.” After the scandal with Anna made national headlines, the uppity intern was forced to return to her roots by coming back home to Happy, Alabama to hide out. In her trek back home, she was accompanied by Victor, who had no idea what he was about to walk into.

After doing a bit of flirting, Victor found himself viciously beaten, and treated by Brody’s father, whose memory and doctorial skills are not up to par. That only made things worse, as the tension between Brody and his half-brother J.B. reached a fever pitch. It’s hard to even fathom that these two gentlemen can be related. The same sentiment can be echoed for how Anna, Shelby and Bonnie can all be sisters; I mean Bonnie is the most level headed of the bunch. Shelby is a hot mess, who has stolen a load of drugs from J.B.’s truck placing her entire family at risk from a drug lord who is determined to get his product back ASAP.

The latest episode ‘In My Sister’s Shoes,’ saw the paramedics finally arrive to provide assistance to Victor who was on his death bed. Well, well, looks like Brody’s dad is no idiot after all. He just saved a man’s life when the entire world was against him. Concerned about his lover’s wellbeing, Dax found himself making a trip to Happy, AL, with Valerie in tow.

Man, this Valerie chick is one hell of a character, who is rubbing SO MANY people the wrong way; I don’t even know where to begin people. First, she offends Anna’s mother Jolene, and for those wondering why everyone was so afraid to enter that trailer, we now know that she totally let herself go and has become a recluse of sorts who has gained a massive amount of weight. Jolene was quite sassy and refused to divulge details pertaining to her daughter’s whereabouts.

Bonnie and Anna bonded over past times, and the older sister praised her sibling for finding a way to escape a town that has kept so many people trapped. The conversation soon transition to talk about Brody and it became clear that Anna might still have a torch for her old flame, while Bonnie didn’t spill the beans that she and Brody are somewhat involved.

Anna was completely caught off guard with the arrival of Dax and Valerie, who clued Anna in on the fact that Victor, was beat up and hasn’t been heard from. Valerie as usual unleashed her inner b**** yet again, as the trio headed to the town bar. Bonnie stopped by Brody’s where she came face-to-face with Victor, unaware of his link to Anna. Quite surprised with Brody’s response to learning that his former lover has returned back to town; hmm, could he be looking to rekindle that romance.

Valerie once again pushed the wrong buttons, making enemies with her sharp tongue and Lily had no problem pushing back. Lily admitted that Victor was indeed at the bar, and that Shelby was responsible once again for creating all sorts of chaos, while barely raising a figure. Victor finally woke up, but could barely talk, but divulged to Bonnie that he was beat up by several guys outside of a bar, and realized that Victor is connected to Anna.

Victor couldn’t help, but chuckle when he witnessed Mr. Allen unleash a bit of frustration on Bonnie. He later joked around with Brody and noted that one of his attackers was his brother J.B. Even, while in pain, Victor continues to hit on people. No need for Bonnie to make that call to Anna, because a stop at the sheriff’s station led Dax, Anna and Valerie to Dr. Allen’s home to see Victor.

After resisting temptation for weeks, Brody and Bonnie finally gave into each other and things got steamy right in the kitchen, as Anna, Valerie and Dax arrived. And what a cliffhanger, as Anna got an eyeful as she witnessed Anna and Brody having sex. Oh, this should be good, as the sisters are likely to clash people! Next week is the season finale of “Too Close To Home,” Mr. Perry’s latest TV outing, can’t wait till Monday at 9 p.m. on TLC!