UNITED STATES—I will admit it: I have way too many clothes in my closet. It has gotten so overwhelming I don’t even know where to place them anymore. Perhaps that may be a direct result of every time I get rid of clothing I end up purchasing some more items. It’s NOT that I actually need clothing, but I continue to find items on sale and I have free money to spend. So if I have money to spend that is free, I feel compelled to spend it.

Heck, I don’t want that free money that I’ve earned to go to waste people. Even if I’m not directly purchasing those clothes for myself I can give them to someone else. If you were to ask me how many shirts I have in my closet it’s probably 200 or more, jeans at least 50 plus, coats about 10, spring jackets maybe 20 plus, sweaters, I could not even tell you.

Yes, my closet is stuffed to capacity with items, so much to the point that it is literally driving me crazy and I don’t know what to do America. Then the light bulb came on inside my head, I can donate, get rid of items that are badly worn and actual sell lightly worn clothing and earn some cash. That cash I earn I can then use to pay a bill, purchase groceries, get essentials from the home, buy something I really want. Do you see where I am going, the list of ideas are continuing to spiral more and more in my mind.

The biggest issue for me is organization. I hate disorganization and clutter just causes me more stress than I care to have people. It is not something I want to have America and because of that I have to find ways to get rid of the clutter or excessive ‘things’ that just take up space.

The biggest problem with clothing for me and so many Americans is that we live in that world where we have difficulty parting with items that we have spent money on and I will be the very first person to admit such issues. If I spent my hard earned money on the item, I don’t want to just give it away, otherwise I’ve wasted money and anyone who knows me knows I hate wasteful spending. Then it hit me: if you’re constantly purchasing clothes that you do not need, that is wasteful spending as well.

It is probably going to take me a few hours to seriously declutter and organize my closet properly and make it a mission to NOT PURCHASE ANY MORE CLOTHING unless I absolutely need it or receive an excellent deal on the items that I am purchasing that is so GOOD I’d be a fool to turn it down. With that said, I might be purchasing so much clothing to compensate for the limited amount of clothing I had growing up. We always attempt to make up when things are slighted in our eyes or we have less than what we want. However, in life you live and you learn. In my case, clothing is a need, but it’s not essential for me to have so much that things go unworn for years at a time.

Written By Jason Jones