Complaint Filed Against District Attorney Brooke Jenkins

An ethics complaint was filed against the District Attorney.

SAN FRANCISCO—An anonymous complaint was filed against the San Francisco District Attorney, Brooke Jenkins. Allegedly, she posed as a volunteer during the recall Chesa Boudin campaign, while receiving a six-figure salary for her work. 

Jenkins failed to register herself as a campaign consultant which is a penalty that could be raised to that of a misdemeanor. 

Brooke Jenkins

“I did nothing wrong or illegal,” she told The Standard’s Han Li at a press event. “And so I think that this is all being used, quite frankly, as a distraction from the actual work that’s being done to keep San Francisco safer.”

The complainant asks of the Ethics Commission to determine if Jenkins should have registered as a campaign consultant.

She allegedly was earning a substantial salary from three different non-profits that were supposedly instrumental in Boudin’s recall. 

The plaintiff argues that the DA should have registered as a campaign consultant because she, “appears to have provided her paid research on Proposition 47 to the recall campaign, in addition to acting as its spokesperson. The non-profit should have registered with local and state regulators as a “multipurpose organization” that was “primarily formed” to support the Boudin recall.” 

The theft offenses reclassified by Proposition 47 “appear to have played a major role” in the case against Boudin, according to the complaint. It points to the recall website featuring data on these crimes—largely drawn from news articles—as evidence.

“Ms. Jenkins certainly should have known that her work would be used to support the recall effort—especially given how involved she was with the same individuals on that recall effort,” as stated in the written complaint.