SAN FRANCISCO—Officers from the San Francisco Police Department arrested David Munoz Diaz, 28, on Thursday, March 8. He was taken into custody at 1080 Folsom Street. Diaz was charged with the murder of Freddy Canul-Arguello in 2011. He was cleared by a jury on the murder charges, but found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, the SF Gate reported.

He was sentenced to four years in county prison, but was released shortly after the sentence was handed down. Diaz and his attorney claimed that the death of his sexual partner was accidental. The suspect admitted to choking the victim, but cited the incident as unintentional. Diaz’s attorney described his client as a sweet kid to the media, adding that he never meant to hurt his friend.

In January 2015, Diaz was arrested a second time for arson after officials from the SFPD picked him up after he started a fire at Up Hair salon near the 400 block of 18th Street. He was charged with one felony count of arson of property, one felony count of possession of a flammable incendiary with the intent to set fire to a structure and one felony count of commercial burglary. Diaz was released in September 2016, with the mandate he register as an arsonist.

In November 2016, Diaz was charged with battery and serious bodily injury and false imprisonment. The SF Weekly reported authorities indicated that he handcuffed one man before biting a chunk out of the scalp of a second man, while Diaz impersonated a police officer. He pled guilty to all charges and was released from custody after a month with mandatory probation.