UNITED STATES—A few weeks I shared my tale with my cable and internet provider who had been giving me the run-around for weeks about providing terrible service. I had my share with my provider in the past, but this past week solidified something that I’ve known for quite some time: it’s time to bid adieu.

Why am I so upset? Well this company just seems to like to stick it to the customer and give the impression that they are providing great service when in actuality it is not the case at all. The fact that it took four months for them to fix my staggering internet service already left me livid, but the fact that time and time again I continue to speak to snobby and rude representatives from the company is horrid. Do they honestly think it’s ok to speak to customer’s with such disrespect and no disregard for faults they are responsible for.

I mean how many times do I have to pick up the phone to address the same issue time and time again. I seriously can’t recall the last time a company spoke to me with such venom and thought it was no big deal. I know I can be a bit of a hot head, but I’m respectful, I don’t just blow off crap and say rude comments without thinking. For a supervisor to tell me, I’m responsible for my internet service not properly working, left me livid. She was slightly stunned when I cut her off and told her I wanted to speak to a supervisor immediately.

It seems every time I ask to speak to a supervisor I’m placed on hold for 30 minutes to an hour. I seriously can’t believe this company had the audacity to charge me on my bill close to $100 to have a technician come to my home to do what I’ve already did. I hooked up the router, which I had to pay OUT OF MY POCKET to get some sort of reliable service. Hey, your tech guy didn’t do much besides tell me how sucky the service is for the company he works for. When an employee bad mouths the company than you know things are bad.

To make matters worse, I was specifically told on four separate occasions I would not be charged for having a technician come out to ‘attempt’ to look at the problem. Once again, this company thinks they can undercut me and pull some sneaky crap and place a charge on my bill without me knowing it. So when I called to question the billing I immediately got attitude, luckily I kept detailed notes on EVERY single call I’ve made to the company, not to mention my ticket numbers clearly indicating that I would NOT be charged for a technician coming out.

I mean seriously what type of company charges the customer to have one of their techs to come out to fix a problem that is theirs to fix to begin? I’ll tell you, a company that only cares about taking your money, while providing a subpar service. When I got the supervisor on the phone, she still couldn’t explain to me her company’s reasoning as to why I had to purchase a router to have wireless internet service, yet they claim to provide the best internet service in town. Did the cat catch your tongue? It sure seemed like it. She tried to notion that the company is already offering me the lowest package with a $20 discount.

She was offending me in so many ways I had enough. I told her it’s apparent that as a customer for 10 plus years, it’s apparent that I didn’t mean much to the company. With that being said, I choose to terminate my services with the company and look elsewhere. To make matters worse, the supervisor didn’t even attempt to do anything in her power to remedy the situation. This proves what I’ve known for weeks, this company only wanted my money; they didn’t care at all about my needs.

As a customer it’s ok to let go of a service that fails to live to your standards. You work hard for your money; why just toss it in the trash. If the service is not top-notch, then kick them to the curve and don’t look back.