HOLLYWOOD—He is the villain on “General Hospital” that just continues to push the envelope. No, I’m not referring to Peter August, but we will talk about him later, I’m talking about Cyrus Renault. This guy seems to care about one person and one person ONLY: his mother Florence. Martin, Laura, Nikolas, Lulu, none of them seem to matter to this guy, especially Laura.

Laura was under the guise that she was making some progress with her brother she recently discovered, but a war has been declared amongst the siblings and Laura is on edge. Hell, if I’m being honest, I wouldn’t forgive the guy who is responsible for placing my daughter and his niece in a coma. Cyrus knows that dinner party that Nikolas and Ava hosted was a simple ruse to help Carly orchestrate Jason becoming a criminal at large; with Dr. Britt has his ‘hostage.’ We know that not to be true, and Nikolas is only making matters worse now that he decided to purchase Pentonville as a way to keep tabs on his aunt Alexis.

Speaking of Alexis, she seems to be doing well behind bars. Helping Maggie get paroled, helping Shawn realize he can’t take the fall for a crime he didn’t commit. I totally forgot Shawn and Alexis were an item at one point people, so Alexis’ stint behind bars seems to be doing more good than bad people. Too bad that might be short-lived now hat Cyrus knows what his nephew has been up to and the threat on Laura’s life has been implemented. Laura has people in her corner, but is it enough to protect her from her wicked brother people? I’m not so sure on that.

Cyrus was also delivered a bomb, as big mouth Gladys revealed that Sasha was pregnant and she thought Cyrus was the baby daddy. Really Gladys? Are you a complete moron or do you just have the gift of gab. Cyrus has an inkling that Brandon is the father, but does not have that confirmation people. Him catching Brando and Sasha in a heated conversation, where Brando learned the truth doesn’t’ help the situation. Carly is the voice of reason, you may not love the woman, but she knows how to navigate in a crisis. She warned Sasha not to let Cyrus know Brando is the father of her baby as it would put a massive target on his and her back.

She’s right people, and Gladys learned that the hard way as Carly explained the situation. So now the tables have turned Gladys NOW needs Carly’s help to protect her and Brando from Cyrus’ wrath. Gladys’ loose lips sent Cyrus and Peter into panic mode as Gladys was held hostage and Brando was ordered to shoot her dead courtesy of Cyrus which he refused. So its official Brando is no longer aligned with Cyrus, but audiences got an interesting tease at the end of Monday’s episode with Peter August being pushed down a flight of stairs. It was a flash forward people and we don’t know who committed the deed yet.

Talk about making deals with wicked foes, ‘Chloe Jennings,’ the nurse Peter hired to fill the spot of the real Chloe from Maxie, is playing with fire. Peter is certain he is one step ahead of his former flame, but Maxie is not taking any prisoners. She has utilized Bobbie’s help to deliver her baby and pass it off to Brook Lynn so that Baby Lou is protected from her stalkerish, overprotective and dangerous father. Yeah, Brook Lynn and Maxie have been juggling a ton to stay one step ahead of Valentin and Peter. Peter is still busy gloating about having Chase’s life in his hands as another antidote was needed to ensure Chase didn’t succumb to the torture being implemented to his body.

Finn is frustrated, Elizabeth is frustrated, Anna is frustrated and so is Valentin. Everyone knows Peter killed Franco and framed Jason, now it’s a question of who will just call Peter out on his antics and push him into a corner so that he makes a mistake people? Speaking of Jason, he’s still on the run with Britt who finally revealed her medical diagnosis: she might have Huntington’s disease and it has her worried sick people. Jason is by her side as a supportive friend, but the chemistry between these two is building people, as is the spark for Sam and Dante. Dante didn’t like that Sam interfered with his trail of Jason and Britt, but this love/hate relationship is only going to build in the coming weeks people. Well Britt and Jason are hot, because they took their relationship to the next level America and dare I say shocked, but not really? It is great chemistry between the two; it just works.

Back in Nixon Falls, Nina got evidence that Elijah is up to know good, but it worried ‘Mike’ aka Sonny sick about what could have transpired if Nina had not thought quick on her feet about losing her earring. The interesting concept is that Elijah is working for someone, someone that the audience has NO CLUE about and I’m eager to find out who that person is and how he might be tied to Port Charles. The same is echoed for Peter August: he is indeed working with someone, and it makes me wonder who that could be. Is it possible Cesar Faison is very much alive and helping Peter step-by-step?