DA Reports Driver Responsible For Rampage Was On Depressants


SAN FRANCISCO—On Wednesday, May 29, at around 2 p.m., officials from the San Francisco Police Department ran the license plate of a stolen vehicle, who was later identified as Cherry Neal, 25, of San Francisco, who was under the influence of depressants that restricted her from driving safely.

The stolen vehicle was found at the intersection of Eddy and Leavenworth Streets. Neal traveled eastbound and parked in front of the Tenderloin Police Station which allowed officers to approach her car. In an attempt to escape, Neal accelerated into a nearby building and hit a bystander. She then repeatedly reversed and sped up, struggling to depart from the scene. Neal struck several vehicles, one being a police cruiser, and almost struck multiple officers while attempting to break free.

She continued down Eddy Street and hit a pedestrian traveling along the crosswalk. The victim was rushed to the hospital, and is being treated for a life-threatening brain injury. Overall, Neal struck five people who sustained non-life threatening injuries. After being arrested on 6th and Clara Streets, Neal was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Neal is facing a total of 16 charges including:

-Felony reckless evading (2800.2(a) CVC)
-Felony evading officer causing injury (2800.3(a) CVC)
-Felony Evading officer driving in opposite direction of traffic (2800.4(a) CVC)
-Four counts felony Hit & Run involving injury (20001(a) CVC)
-Three counts failing to stop at the scene of an accident with damage to property (20002(a) CVC)
-Driving under the influence causing injury (23153 (f) CVC)
-Driving with suspended license (14601.1 (a) CVC)
-Theft of vehicle (10851(a) CVC)
-Reckless driving (23103 (a) CVC)
-Reckless driving causing injury (23104(a) CVC)
-Three counts Assault with a deadly weapon (245(a)(1) PC)
-Possession of stolen vehicle (496d(a) PC)
-Resisting arrest (148(a)(1) PC)
-Two counts of felony vandalism (594(b)(1) PC)
-Running a red light (21453(a) CVC)
-Failure to yield on left turn (22100 (b) CVC)

The booking photo has not yet been released by authorities. San Francisco News reached out to District Attorney, George Gascón, but did not acquire any new information before print. The video below was uploaded by SFPD in their news release on May 29 and shows footage of the suspect from outside the Tenderloin Police Station.