HOLLYWOOD—We have not discussed the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives” in probably a good year and it’s unfortunate. I mean the soap was the talk of the town in 2015, as it readied to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Why? There was a serial killer on the loose, beloved Salem residents perished and we saw the return of fan favorites and the storylines were intersecting with such chaos, madness and must-see TV. So last week was a huge, and I mean huge week on “Days” as Chad and Abigail were finally planning to walk down the aisle, during a double wedding, alongside Sonny and Paul who have rekindled their relationship in the midst of chaos and the death of Sonny’s beloved Will.

However, I have rarely, and I mean rarely seen a wedding transpired without a hitch in the soap arena. This wedding had a crasher, one that the town of Salem and Abigail to say the least hoped to never see again: Ben Weston. Yup, Batty Ben returned in epic fashion after escaping the mental hospital and crashed the wedding during the final moments of Friday’s episode. Abigail, who finally put her life together after a whirlwind of mental breaks thanks to Ben, was frozen solid at seeing her ex in the flesh, as well as the rest of Salem.

However, she snapped out of that trance and delivered a whopper of a punch to Ben, before Rafe and JJ accosted the felon. He taunted Salem, but not before getting under the skin of Sonny. The information he divulged left Sonny floored, as well as everyone else inside the church. Why? Fans of the soap have known for weeks that Chandler Massey would assume the role of Will Horton, which earned him several Daytime Emmy Awards. Yeah, I know what many of you are thinking, how can that be, Will was murdered by Ben? Well, Ben dropped a massive bomb on Sonny, Marlena, Paul and the rest of Salem with the news that Will is not dead, but very much alive.

With that revelation comes the mystery of the hour: where is Will? Who has him and how in the hell do the writers expect to unravel this mystery so it makes logical sense for the viewers? I mean we saw Will’s lifeless body in the morgue, we saw him get buried. With Stefano long gone and Andre seeming to turnover a new leaf, who could be behind Will’s disappearance?

The best result of this news is that it ushers in the return of the great Alison Sweeney as Sami Brady. Sweeney previously reprised her role back in 2015 to help the soap celebrate its anniversary and to return upon learning of Will’s untimely death. Let’s be honest if the soap could get Sweeney to return full-time that would be great, all they need now is for her great love E.J. DiMera to return in the flesh as well.

Sonny is desperate for answers, and as a result halted his nuptials with Paul, while Chad and Abby tied the knot. Yeah, kind of hard for those to get married considered the turn of events. Will admit Ben became a character unlike any other when he crossed over to the dark side. I mean he was able to get under the skin of so many Salemnites this week, especially JJ who was on the verge of blasting a bullet into Ben’s skull. Thankfully, Hope was there to save the day, um, Commissioner Hope Brady. Yeah, she has big title, but questions were raised about her being in prison and being culpable for the murder of Stefano DiMera people.

I’m sure things will indeed be explained as November sweeps nears. So it looks like with new writers taking over for the soap things are getting back to where they used to be: INTERESTING!