HOLLYWOOD—Thank God the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives” returned after being off for nearly 2 weeks because of the Winter Olympics. There were a lot and I mean a lot going on when we last left off. Kristen DiMera was the catalyst of several more Salemites going missing. In addition to holding Sarah Horton captive, Kristen now has Steve, Kayla and Abigail in her clutches. Yes, Abigail knows Sarah is on the deserted island, as well as her uncle and aunt.

That is the one thing I have always enjoyed about Abigail the woman is a fighter to the core people. While it seemed like escape was impossible, Abigail managed to get the upper hand on Kristen by drugging her own food and getting Kristen to actually eat it. Quite genius to say the least people! Sarah is not Sarah as she has taken on the identity of Renee DuMonde, a former flame from Tony DiMera’s past. It looks like all of Kristen’s captors will soon be headed back to Salem in the coming weeks, but who is to say Kristen hasn’t pulled something.

Abigail taunted Kristen with the notion that Brady and Chloe are getting closer, causing Kristen to realize she had been drugged with sleeping pills. C’mon Abigail, find your way home so that you can expose Gwen for the liar that she is. Gwen just doesn’t know when to stop, impersonating Sarah, kidnapping Abigail, lying to Xander, lying to Jack about Abigail’s whereabouts, shall I continue? When the truth is exposed Gwen is going to likely be pushed out of Salem because I cannot see anyone aligning with this woman after all of her actions people. Jack believes his daughter when she says she has NO IDEA, but Gwen this might be the nail in the coffin when it comes to your relationship with dad.

Xander is ready to pop the question, even though he still has doubts about Sarah, as does Maggie who knows something was off about her daughter. So it looks like Gwen and Ava’s little ruse is not working. Ava has her own troubles. She seems to think she has managed to get one over on Rafe and Nicole, but both Rafe and Nicole are certain Ava framed her lover and Nicole is like a woman on a revenge mission. Ava and Gwen’s ruse will be EXPOSED people, and it might be Allie who helps Nicole get the evidence she needs to take down Tripp’s mother, talk about betrayal people.

EJ is behind bars and his cellmate is the guy who ‘killed’ him, Clyde Weston people. That cannot bode well America because EJ is on a mission for revenge and he’s going to do all in his power to bust out of that prison cell and prove his innocence. Clyde keeps hinting about the night he put a bullet into EJ, which EJ remembers very little of. This tells me Clyde knows something he doesn’t want to come out and I’m intrigued to know more. With that said, Lani met her father TR, who is desperate to suddenly play a role in his daughter’s life, but not over Paulina’s dead body. I guess this is the thing that will push a reconciliation between Lani and Paulina after the truth of her being her mother came out.

Tripp is ready to propose marriage to Allie, but has no idea she slept with Chanel, but Paulina and Johnny both know that secret, and Johnny who is possessed by the Devil seems focused on making this little birdie come to light people. Johnny has a bigger angle involving Gabi and fracturing her relationship with Jake that is being tested to at the moment and for what, a seat at Titan. C’mon Gabi can you not see that you’re being outwitted not only by a youngster, but the Devil himself people. This does raise an important question since “Days of Our Lives” was virtually MIA all of February Sweeps, can we expect bigger drama to unfold in the month of March to reward loyal “DOOL” fanatics! One can sure hope so.