HOLLYWOOD—Well, the chickens have come home to roost on “The Young and the Restless.” How so? Victor Newman and his instincts have proven stronger than ever as he has gotten the Intel he needed to expose Victoria’s husband as being a shady person people. Victor sent Michael down to Peru to investigate that clinic that somehow developed a ‘cure’ to his cancer treatment, the same facility that he so happens to be funding. The red flags are popping up all over the place, Victor sees them, but you know who DOES NOT SEE THEM: Victoria Newman!

Yeah, I really cannot wait to see this woman fall off her high horse. Why? She has an arrogance about her that needs to be knocked down a few pegs. Hell, Victoria, how many times has Ashland lied to you and you continue to turn the other check as if it’s no big deal.  I mean she got a major hint when talk about the merger came up and Ashland all, but said he cannot wait until he’s running things again. Victoria caught it, but she refuses to call a spade a spade and it will indeed be her undoing.

While Victoria and Ashland are busy worrying about the merger, they are also planning their next move against Adam Newman. Guess it is good that Victor at least warned Adam about the latest development in Ashland Locke, so he has his guard up. However, the moments fans of “Y&R” have been waiting for transpired last week as Adam and Sally Spectra made love. Yes, the spark that there the moment those two were on screen the first time together finally culminated on Valentine’s Day.

Dare I say “The Young and the Restless” have a new super couple and they are hot people! So good to see Adam finally out of Chelsea’s crosshairs. Chelsea still isn’t happy that Adam has been spending time with Sally, but imagine what she will do when she finds out Adam slept with Sally? Talk about a catfight waiting to transpire people. However, Chelsea may indeed be getting over Adam because she has been dreaming about kissing Rey and they are sharing interactions that are teasing of a new love affair that may soon come to the horizon.

I must say, a Chelsea and Rey pairing sounds fun, because that spark between Rey and Sharon has all, but fizzled. They have no story and they just seem to be in Genoa City people. Also we’re getting hints of a possible Nick and Sharon reunion and I’m all for it because Nick doesn’t have much going on in GC either right now. I mean these are “Y&R” legends people; they should have a story for viewers.

Speaking of stories, something has finally transpired with Jack and Phyllis courtesy of mysterious text messages that Jack received that is likely to lead to Los Angeles. Phyllis connected the messages to a Hao Nguyen, the name is a trigger for Jack’s former wife, but I’m not that versed on “Y&R” backstory to even remember that people. However, we all know Jack and Phyllis belong together so seeing these two explore this mystery together is likely to bring them closer.

Devon and Abby are dealing with a medical crisis with Dominic who has a rare blood disorder, prompting both to get tested to see if they’re a bone marrow match. It looks like another bomb as I already teased is about to be unearthed with Dominic’s illness people. Amanda and Imani have decided to serve as legal counsel for Chancellor Enterprises after Billy and Lily’s urging, just as Billy is contemplating a podcast.

C’mon “Y&R” I want some damn drama already. It is February Sweeps and there hasn’t been one big moment that has left people aghast at all. It feels like “Y&R” is following a similar path as “The Bold and the Beautiful.” The only difference is that “Y&R” is NOT okay with recycling the same story time and time again like the “B&B” does and for that they receive major points from me.