HOLLYWOOD—The bloodbath on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives” has been crazy in the past three months, but Friday delivered the biggest blow to the soap in 2015, as fan favorite Bo Brady died from a brain tumor. Yep, Fancy Face’s one true love who just returned to her, is gone and this time for good. The writers on the soap have been delivering top-notch storylines with the soap celebrating 50th years on the air.

Bo managed to escape from being held captive for nearly three years, arriving home in a nick of time to rescue his wife from her new hubby Aiden who tried to kill Hope using the MO from the infamous Necktie Killer aka Ben Weston. Just as the couple began to get back to a happy place, Kayla dropped the bomb on her brother that his brain tumor is inoperable and death is imminent. A few weeks ago, I pinpointed an epic battle soon to explode between the DiMera clan and the Brady clan, well get ready because hell is about to break loose.

The DiMera’s have caused plenty of drama in the town of Salem for years, and all signs point to Stefano being responsible for Bo’s captivity, which will place Hope in an unbelievable state of grief and rage. In less than 2 weeks, she lost her new husband and the love of her life.

Kristin Alfonso has been delivering sensational acting all month long, and should I dare predict a possible Emmy nomination in her near future, I think it’s a definite possibility. Last week things were so happy, and with the snap of a finger another Salemite has bitten the dust. Stefano and Andrea DiMera are likely shaking in their boots. The duo is already responsible for Aiden attacking Hope, and for those of us who have already connected the dots, its apparent that Stefano wanted that cure Bo was desperately seeking.

Expect Hope to dive deep into her work to discover precisely who was responsible for keeping her hubby captive resulting in him not getting the necessary treatment to halt the tumor in his brain. I must say this is a storyline I’m looking to see develop quite rapidly. Andre has his hands in many cookie jars. He recently had Sami kidnapped after she returned to town with all the ammunition she needs thanks to her supposedly dead hubby EJ leaving her vital clues. Yeah, something tells me EJ will make an epic comeback that might shock Salem to say the least, which will please “Days of Our Lives” fanatics!

To make matters worse for Andre is former foes Marlena and John who are hot on his trail. They know Sami is in his clutches they just have to find her. Other shenanigans moving along in the once quite town is Ben going off the rails big time. At first his madness seemed to be a result of his fiancé Abigail, not it appears its Abigail’s connection with Chad that is driving him mad. I never thought Abby was in danger with Ben, but no I’m not so sure about that. I mean he pulled a gun on her, is holding another woman hostage, and refuses to allow Abby’s baby to be delivered at a hospital. If dear ole Ben doesn’t bite the dust, I have a feeling someone else in Salem will fall victim to the Necktie Killer who has already gotten away with three murders. Wonder how Salem will react when they learn who REALLY the Necktie Killer is. C’mon Chad rescue your girl already, she’s about to give birth to your baby any minute now!

Other big shake-ups in Salem involve the arrival of Belle and Claire. Once lovebirds, Shawn and Belle appear to be on the rocks big-time, and it looks like the fractures are quite evident in the once happy couple’s marriage. Wonder how Hope, Marlena and John will take the news. Heck, Hope already has enough on her plate, so I think it’s only fitting this is a secret that remains secret for as long as possible.

If you were to ask me a year ago if I was tuning into “Days of Our Lives” I would have said NEVER. Nowadays, it’s the soap that everyone should be watching. “Days of Our Lives” airs daily at 1 p.m. on NBC.