HOLLYWOOD—The Top 11 contestants performed on Monday night’s episode of “The Voice.” With the help of America’s votes, ten artists will move forward in the competition, after Tuesday’s elimination night.

There were so many incredibly moving performances by Team Adam, Team Pharrell, Team Gwen, and Team Blake. It was truly the best live playoffs thus far. With that being said, let’s recap some of the best performances on Monday night’s show.

Team Pharrell’s Evan Mckeel performs “Smile”

Evan, the classic soul singer of Season 9, gave one of his best performances as he covered Nat King Cole’s “Smile.”

Starting off a few bars acapella, Evan showcased his commanding ability to lead a vocal without any musical accompaniment. Even though there were no big vocal powerhouse moments, there really didn’t need to be. There was so much beauty in the simplicity. He has this young Stevie Wonder edge that is heart melting to hear.

Gwen said, “Evan that was so beautiful. That was definitely my favorite performance you’ve done on the show.” She says he let his voice just shine and praised him for his tone.

Blake says Evan always seems like such a pro and that his performances are always good.

Pharrell said, “I felt like you sounded great like you always do, but the difference between tonight and your other performances is that tonight you let people in.”

He described the performance as a super intimate moment that allowed the audience to connect with him and get to know him as a person. Couldn’t agree more with Pharrell on this one!

Team Adam’s Amy Vachal performs “Blank Space”

So, Amy absolutely killed it last week with her unique twist to Drake’s “Hotline Bling.” She created such a huge moment for herself to the point where I thought there would be no way for her to top it. Well, I was completely wrong. Her performance this week is by far her best yet.

Amy’s success on the show has been to take current songs and put her own special spin. She once again did just that for Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space.” She completely made the song her own with a folk arrangement that perfectly complimented her voice.

I found myself smiling throughout the entire performance. On a side note, gotta say, Adam is proving to be the coach of the season. Specifically, in regards to Amy, he seems to truly understand her artistic abilities and is helping create arrangements that flawlessly suit her.

Blake said, “I love these flips you guys are doing. This was my favorite vocal from you so far because to hear the lower/bottom register of your voice, it’s so clean and so loud and has so much presence.”

Pharrell said, “The way you guys are doing these songs, really frames your voice so well. [People] need to go on iTunes and buy this song right now.”

Adam says he believes that the way Amy has won this season is by taking her own approach to songs. “You have completely triumphed different kinds of versions of songs.” You have the artistry I’m always looking for.”

Team Pharrell’s Madi Davis performs “Love Is Blindness”

Madi gave an absolutely spectacular performance of “Love Is Blindness.” It was hauntingly beautiful as she added an operatic feel to the song emphasized by the trills and her distinct vibrato. She gave a dynamic performance, poignantly marked by moments where she would crescendo in and out of notes, which further showcased her emotional investment in the song.

Adam said, “I had no idea you had that in you. I am pretty shocked, that was amazing.”

Blake said, “I think that’s the best performance of the night so far. Perfect match of artist and song and just connecting with that moment.”

Pharrell, who goes up to hug Madi right at the end of her performance, describes the moment as amazing and says that her parents, family, and friends must be so proud of her.

Team Adam’s Jordan Smith performs “Who You Are”

So, this was a beyond perfect song choice for Jordan. I really believe there were some outstanding performances tonight, to the point where I thought this might be the first time in the season when Jordan may not steal the show. But, he once again did. I mean this dude is just untouchable. He approaches his performances in overwhelmingly heightened levels.

I’ve heard a plethora of great covers to Jessie J’s “Who You Are,” but Jordan’s cover stands on its own. His performance was electrifying as he gave another inspirational and uplifting performance.

There is no doubt his cover will shoot high up on the iTunes charts fairly quickly. Jordan appeared quite emotional after his performance as to which host Carson Daly asked him to share how he was feeling. Jordan responds, “It just felt so good to say just be who you are.” And that right there, ladies and gentleman, is why Jordan is a profoundly groundbreaking artist this season. It’s not about just hitting notes to Jordan. It’s beyond that. He clearly cares about delivering the impactful message behind every song he sings.

Pharrell said, “Your attention to detail when you sing is remarkable to watch. It’s so effortless. When you sing notes like that, people can feel it. They can feel your intention and that intention that you put forth is huge and is generous of you.”

Gwen said, “It’s hard to speak after that. How good does that feel to be as good as you are?! You must feel so incredible and I’m so happy for you.”

Adam says that Jordan is one of the best performers he knows because he does the impossible. He is a great singer to start with, but beyond that he sings with conviction and everyone is mesmerized every single time.

Well, that does it for the recap folks! Tune in Tuesday night at 8 p.m. on NBC for another round of eliminations on “The Voice.”

Update on Tuesday’s elimination: Team Pharrell’s Evan Mckeel and Team Gwen’s Korin Bukowski were in the bottom two. Evan is eliminated as Korin once again received an instant save.