EL CERRITO—The body of a dead dog was discovered on BART tracks between the Richmond and El Cerrito del Norte stations at approximately 3:15 p.m on Wednesday, January 4, indicated a BART spokesman .

A train operator discovered the animals body, leading to transportation delays on the Richmond, Millbrae, and Fremont lines as crew members removed the body from the tracks at around 3:30 p.m.

BART representative Jim Allison noted that the dog was first seen in the transit agency’s yard in Richmond. He asserted that it is unknown how the dog managed to make its way onto the BART track since it is fenced in, but believe the dog climbed over or under one of the fences.

According to reports, Allison stated that such occurrences do not occur often, since “the only dogs that are permitted in the BART system are service dogs or dogs that are in a container designed to transport pets.”

Dogs have previously been found on BART tracks alive, during which supervisors and operators have halted lines to rescue them. Allison reported that these animals are typically taken to humane societies, while some BART staff members have adopted them.

No additional information pertaining to the cause of death for the animal has been disclosed.