HOLLYWOOD—If there is one soap that knows how to do death and how to do it on an epic scale, it’s the NBC soap opera “Days of Our Lives.” This soap has NO PROBLEM and I mean NO PROBLEM killing off a main character to push a storyline and I love it. Why? It shows the writers are okay with taking risks and well a whopper of a death transpired this week in Salem people. Surprise, surprise because Abigail Deveraux had a date with the Grim Reaper this week!

Yeah, I had heard rumblings about this for quite some time, but to actual see it transpire on the screen with actual evidence that Jack and Jennifer’s daughter who happens to be a Horton is no more left me flabbergasted and it was a grisly one to say the least. The audience got a tease when Abigail, who happens to be a reporter, informed her hubby Chad that she planned to dig into Sami Brady’s kidnapping.

As the audience knows, Lucas Horton was responsible for kidnapping Sami and framing EJ for the crime. EJ is certain that Lucas committed the deed, but he has no proof. The problem with all this madness is multiple people are aware of Lucas’ secret: Kate and Chad at the top of the list, you can now add Abigail, who Chad was forced to confess to. Now would I suspect Chad to murder his own wife? No, that just seems like a stretch and he was the person to discover his wife’s body in gruesome fashion, devastating him to the core.

Abigail’s death is about to rock Salem, not just Jennifer and Jack, but Steve, Kayla, Chad, EJ, Gwen and everyone in Salem that knew here. Speaking of Gwen, she hasn’t been fond of her sister and is currently behind bars because Abigail exposed her little secret. Gwen is not happy and when Leo came to visit her he coyly pushed the idea of taking Abigail out. Gwen is still coy about rather she was the catalyst for Laura Horton’s death. This is kind of annoying me. Either you did it or you didn’t Gwen; please stop with the mystery, because the more you stay silent, the more it makes it clear that you probably did intentionally kill this woman.

As a result, Gwen and Leo are in the spotlight as suspects’ in Abigail’s murder. We all know when it comes to a murder mystery on a soap opera the most obvious target is never the actual culprit. Which means who else could be guilty? Lucas. He was on a bit of a drunken bender and cannot remember what transpired people. That is never a good sign, but would Lucas actually kill Abigail knowing the impact it would have on Chad and his family? It is possible people, but that also seems a bit too easy.

So “Days” really has implemented all the right tools for a murder mystery that I hope once the reveal is made it’s a game changer. Or wait for it: this murder could just be the beginning of a series of murders people. Could Ben Weston have relapsed? Is someone trying to frame him? Or should the viewers dig deeper. Is there more that Abigail knows that no one is aware of? This might not be about Sami Brady’s kidnapping, something bigger might be taking place here people that is NOT as apparent upon first glance. “Days of Our Lives” you have me hooked again because there is nothing like a good mystery to solve.