HOLLYWOOD—Death doesn’t strike often on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful,” but when it does it is the one soap that delivers the shocks because you literally don’t see the death coming a million miles away. Death has struck the soap again, but if you expected a major player to be taken out think again! There was a teaser of six names, but really, we knew most were smoke. Vinny seemed like an obvious target, as well as Shauna and Flo if you’re asking me.

Katie, she has been teased death so many times and has literally knocked on death’s door more times than I can count and survived, so her dying would be an actual heartbreak if it actually transpired America. Finn, his story with Steffy is too hot to kill him off without the audience knowing much about him and it would just seem out of left field. So that leaves Shauna, Flo, Vinny and Thomas. Look, I would be all for a double murder if we can get rid of Shauna and Flo. Shauna adds NOTHING to the series and is just annoying, and as for Flo it would serve her right after her baby stealing scheme. I mean this woman has gotten a job at Forrester, her aunts Katie and Donna have forgiven her, Brooke is still cautious and rightfully so. She has now gotten her name changed to Logan and is engaged to Wyatt.

She had the actual galls to ask Hope to forgive her the same way she forgave Thomas and Zoe. Girl, back up, Thomas and Zoe were not integral players in the baby swap, YOU WERE! You knew all along what was taking place and said NOT a damn thing for months as your cousin grieved a child knowing it was right under her nose all along. I am so glad hope didn’t just fall for Flo’s antics. You caused her unforgiveable grief and harm and if you think you’re going to get a slap on the wrist because you donated a kidney to save Katie’s life think again.

Flo has some damn nerve acting like her sins from the past are just about to be forgiven, if anything I think this unexpected death is about to make the situation worse. Why? The person who had a meeting with the Grim Reaper was VINNY! To say I was blown underwhelmed by the April 5 episode was an understatement, to say the April 6 episode was riveting is also an understatement. I mean Vinny was a red herring for more chaos to come because when you kill off a secondary character, it doesn’t really deliver compelling TV especially if the viewer has no investment in the character.  If Thomas or Flo had bit the dust it would be far more intriguing to say the least.

I mean Thomas is intertwined with Hope, Brooke, Ridge, Steffy, Douglas and a host of other characters. And while it was apparent he might have had an angle in cozying up to Hope in her time of need after deciding a separation was the route to take with Liam after he cheated, Thomas never actually acted on anything people.

So how did Vinny meet his maker? He was apparently struck by Bill’s car which was being driven by Liam. Liam was in a panic so much to the point that he fainted. Things get complicated because Bill was concerned that the finger would be pointed at Liam for wanting to kill Vinny for tampering with paternity results people. Bill had a valid point. However, something about Vinny being in the middle of the road at the middle of the night is NOT adding up. This doesn’t seem like an accidental death, this seems like murder and Vinny being struck by Bill’s car was him seeking help as he was already on the verge of death.

Add onto the fact that Thomas just happens to text Hope and alert her that Vinny was released. So we know Brooke, Hope, Bill and Liam couldn’t have killed Vinny because they were together. So that opens up the floor for who could be other contenders: Finn, Thomas, Ridge are all on my list, but perhaps its someone we least expect and they had a motive that the audience doesn’t even know as of yet. Which is intriguing to say the least?

I could not understand Hope being called to the hospital to ID Vinny. They’re not close, so my gut tells me that perhaps Thomas requested her presence, but I’m not sure why? The writers are really playing with a murder mystery here and I like it because “B&B” was getting a bit stale for me so this opens the door for some narrative sparks.

The only other thing worth discussing is Quinn Fuller not learning her lesson to stay out of other people’s business. This woman just never seems to learn. After Eric forgave you for your role in a sham wedding that nearly destroyed Ridge and Brooke’s marriage, old habits die hard, as Quinn seems to care about Zoe delivering a gut punch to her sister Paris in regards to Zende. Hmm, Zoe, I thought you wanted Carter, you’re showing your colors and things are not looking pretty if we’re being honest.

This storyline seems silly to say the least, but it was hilarious watching Paris reacting to her stomach growling in the most unexpected ways. Talk about sibling rivalry, things between Paris and Zoe is only about to get worst in the coming weeks and I’m hoping Zoe and Quinn are exposed people.