HELLO AMERICA!—Many of my documentary filmmaker friends are busier than they have ever been. The horror that is evolving politically in America has turned the thinking of millions of people in such a confused, twisted way, wearing a mask seems to be the only way in feeling or having a reason to feel safe in going to the closest market.  When President Trump suggested or warned that he had no faith in voting by mail, but dismissing that way completely in selecting a president, therefore, he would remain in power was shocking.

This, of course, is reminiscent of how Adolph Hitler took over Germany in the early 1930s. Young German kids were forced into a group referred to as HITLER’s CHILDREN. Every move they made physically i.e., marching, hand waves, and music represented the Reich the new order and men such as Hermann Goring, the Mitch McConnell of that time nearly brought the world to an end.

Sitting here in my office, images of yesterday continues to explode inside of me, one of Franklin D. Roosevelt (speaking on radio during a time when America needed to hear a voice of hope; Kate Smith singing the songs which stimulated positive dreams from every corner of the country, Betty Hutton, Martha Rae, Bill Robinson dancing his heart out with little Shirley Temple, Lena Horne, Billy Eckstein, Ella Fitzgerald and always Sunday night with CB DeMille hosting Lux Radio highlighting an exciting new film.

Songs and stories of hope punctured every corner of the country and it was done with pride and dignity. The word ‘democracy’ meant something; it was something our boys were spread all over the world letting the world know that this nation stood for something supreme, positive and good.

The idea we have so many men of horror controlling weapons of death is difficult to handle. Many American communities are under gunfire, racial confrontations anything that breathes life.

The White House once representing love, freedom and a positive way to survive, is suddenly stuffed with a hanging tree of hate and greed.  WHERE IS THE MUSIC?

I have had my fill of ghetto stories with sad, sick, layers of nothingness. Scenes with faded, dull, sick, creatures trapped in a dirty world of lost dreams or hopes. Women and men programmed to expect to be given a world of their dreams, not understanding that all dreams must be shaped into realistic form, that’s when it explodes with excitement and unexpected magic.