SAN FRANCISCO—The Department of Public Health sent directives to three categories of businesses on Friday, May 8. The first category includes “grocers, farmer’s markets, pharmacies, and hardware stores.” The second category is restaurants and the third is delivery services. These directives contain mandatory guidelines that they hope will make reopening businesses safer. Each of these directives is downloadable from the City and County of San Francisco website

The mandatory guidelines include information about proper signage, protection for personnel and customers, and proper handling of goods. Examples include providing masks and hand sanitizer for employees, creating a Health and Safety Plan, and making personnel with COVID-19 symptoms to stay at home until they have been tested. Those who work outside of their homes can be tested for free through CityTestSF.

Guidelines went into effect upon the release of the directives on May 8, although there is a grace period until May 15 at 11:59 p.m. There is no expiration date for the directives. They will remain active until the Department of Public Health determines that they are no longer necessary.

Many businesses are  fulfilling some of the requirements listed in the directives, but they contain new guidelines which have not been set before. In order for businesses to reopen, they must comply with all of the guidelines. According to the San Francisco Department of Public Health, they created the directives for businesses “to help maintain our progress against the coronavirus and set the stage for opening up more parts of society.”