“Despicable Me 2” Family-Fun

Steve Carell

HOLLYWOOD—When “Despicable Me” hit screens in 2010, it was that family flick that caught many moviegoers by chance. An animated movie where the villain turns out to be the hero; it’s a promising concept not considered often in the film arena, but it worked.  Much of that praise goes to actor Steve Carell who voices the primary character Gru.

This second installment involves our main character being recruited by the Anti-Villain League (AVL) to locate a secret mutating compound that has the ability to turn any object into a killing machine.  When Gru finds himself being recruited by AVL agent Lucy Wilde (voice of Kristen Wiig) to locate the missing compound, he finds the offer flattering, but has bigger responsibilities now.

It’s quite interesting to see a villain with a heart nowadays. Facing a mid-life crisis, our super villain decides to take up Wilde’s offer to locate the compound with the assistance of his minions who are without a doubt the stars of the movie.  These little creatures have impeccable comedic timing and perform some epic behaviors in the sake of a laugh.

The love connection between Gru and Lucy, as well as the impending love connection between Margo (voice of Miranda Cosgrove) and Eduardo (voice of Moises Arias). It’s something that upsets Gru to a degree, which is quite hilarious to watch.  The movie has an occurring theme throughout which is the element of family.

Gru has a family, but it’s not complete. Lucy is missing that vital element to make her life a bit more complete: a significant other. While the tale is about a villain whose wicked ways has been transformed over time, he longs for that notoriety that has made him such a well known name.
“Despicable Me 2” is full of heart, full of laughs and has a plenty of action to keep kids and both adults occupied during the 90 minutes spent in the multiplex.  Director Pierre Coffin brings the same charm and French flair that made the first picture such a stand-out for audiences.  It’s the perfect flick for the entire family this Fourth of July holiday weekend.

By LaDale Anderson