HOLLYWOOD—Well, I would argue that was unexpected, but in all honesty it is not if you think about it on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” Devon and Abby hit the sheets people, yeah, talk about a shocking moment, because it transpired right as Amanda Sinclair FINALLY returned to Genoa City after being MIA for months. Amanda was not alone people, because Chance joined her for the shocking moment as they planned to surprise their lovers and got an eyeful as a result.

Look, Abby and Devon have always had some level of chemistry, but nothing compared to what Devon had with Hilary and Amanda for that matter even though they’re sisters. Chance saw this as a perfect opportunity to pull the plug on his marriage which was already hanging by a thread to begin with. I am sorry but Melissa Ordway and Connor Floyd have ABSOLUTELY no chemistry whatsoever. It just is NOT there and hasn’t been there since Floyd took over the role of Chance Chancellor. Sometimes actors and actresses have that instant chemistry, but this is a pairing that never had it from the start.

Apologies for the digression, Devon received the fifth degree from Amanda, while Abby begged Chance NOT to give up on their marriage, but he knew what had to be done. I guess this is a good thing storyline-wise, but I’m left guessing what “Y&R” will do with Mishael Morgan’s character, who it appears is ready to jet out of GC and head back to Virginia. It would be a travesty if the writers failed to cook up a storyline for this magnificent actress, but I guess viewers will have to wait and see where the cards fall after the fallout.

Devon’s workload is only about to become more chaotic now that Jill Abbott is back in town worried about her share of Chancellor-Winters. Lily is doing her best to put out fires, but from Jill’s perspective it is clear she has lost control. She has no idea where Devon is and no idea where Billy is, who is busy helping Chelsea thru a major crisis. Major kudos for the writers pivoting to give Billy a storyline with major substance, because that podcast and his dalliance with Lily was just lackluster to say the least.

Billy and Chelsea are getting closer by the minute as a result of her attempt to take her own life. Lily is worried, Jill is worried and everyone seems to think Billy is spiraling, when to be honest, he could NOT have his head screwed on any tighter and in the right place at the moment. Expect sparks from these two very shortly America. Speaking of sparks, it has not died down just yet between Nick and Sally. She might be out of a job, but she is still in Nick’s orbit and it seems her attraction to Nick might be stronger than what it was with Adam Newman and I didn’t expect that. Adam hasn’t thrown in the towel on Sally just yet, he is a bit preoccupied with trying to assist Chelsea in her moment of crisis people.

With that said, Victoria Newman gloated at her new appointment of Nate Hastings as CEO of Newman Media, a man with absolutely no business experience whatsoever. This is going to blow up in Victoria’s face and I cannot wait to see it happen because she so deserves it. Elena, I have no reason why she returned to town, she is giving absolutely nothing to whatever storyline she has which is hanging by a thread people.

Perhaps what we should focus on is the exposure of Diane Jenkins. Tucker teased some Intel to Ashley that Diane was laundering money for a Jeremy Stark while she was in Los Angeles and it seems like that accomplice is about to get out of prison and it has Diane rattled to the core. Kyle and Summer are already skeptical as once again she has proven that she can lie with the best of them, but Kyle wants to give his mother the benefit of the doubt. Whereas, Phyllis, Nikki and Ashley are still working overtime to expose their foe, even though Jack Abbott has made it crystal clear to his sister and the others to butt out to prevent Kyle and Harrison from becoming collateral damage.

Do I think there is more to this story? Absolutely, Diane would not be on edge otherwise, and whatever leverage she has on Tucker, she needs to expose that full throttle if she wants to save herself. Hell, she might receive kudos for exposing that Tucker is after his own son’s company, but Audra might have given the audience a softer side to her demeanor after dropping on Noah that she was pregnant with his baby! Yeah, Noah did not expect that one bit, nor did Allie who spotted Noah and Audra in a tense embrace. Oh, the drama people.