HOLLYWOOD—It was bound to happen people. Nicole and Eric could only resist temptation for so long before passion erupted on “Days of Our Lives.” They embraced and shared a tender kiss. The problem is Nicole and Eric had no idea that Jada saw them kissing. To say she was a bit heartbroken was an understatement people because she immediately ran to Rafe to disclosed, but she fainted.

Yes, Rafe has witnessed the simmering chemistry between his wife and her ex for months and have tried to ignore as much as possible, until he could no longer ignore it. He spilled his grievances to Steve who listened to his pal, but had to deal with another emergency. We will talk more about that later. After Jada fainted, Rafe rushed her to the hospital, where the bomb was dropped. Eric learned that he was about to become a daddy! Yup, just when the audience thought Nicole and Eric would reunite; let’s be honest it is indeed their destiny, chaos explodes.

Jada was speechless, Sarah was speechless, Eric stunned, Rafe speechless, Nicole heartbroken. Eric is a loyal guy, so Nicole cannot expect him to just leave Jada as they were about to reunite. Eric has always wanted a child and it looks like he’s about to get it rather he likes it or not. How this impacts his relationship with Nicole, who broke the news to Rafe that she wanted a divorce and was still in love with Eric, is anyone’s guessing game America. It is indeed a ripple that is about to have a major impact on several lives in Salem.

Let’s talk about Steve people because he is now on a mission to rescue his son Tripp, who was kidnapped by EJ DiMera. Steve is no idiot and is well aware that Ava was up to no good. She hasn’t disclosed to Steve that she kidnapped EJ’s mother, Susan, but Steve will soon connect the dots. Susan is being held captive in a shed by Xander, who is donning a wicked clown mask. Susan was rescued by Bonnie on a fluke, but Xander busted her and no she has become a hostage.

Xander you’re in too deep at this point and this is not good for everyone who thinks you have reformed, especially Sarah. Each time she gives you an ounce of forgiveness you throw it right back in her face, so it explains why she would be skeptical of your actions. Just because Ava tossed money in your face doesn’t mean you have to take it. Xander consumed with guilt, confessed his sins to Gwen. Could Gwen and Xander reunite after Sarah tosses him to the curb for his latest stunt? Who knows, but it does indeed seem possible.

Sad news for “Days of Our Lives” fans as it was announced that John Aniston, who portrays the great Victor Kiriakis passed away on Friday, November 11. It is difficult to hear, after watching Aniston on the series on Friday as he and Maggie celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary. That guy was a wicked villain that you loved to hate. He was cunning and never afraid to make a move to protect his family and his legacy. Here’s hoping the writers deliver and exceptional sendoff for the iconic character who will be greatly missed.

This has the potential to shakeup the family business as Xander has been angling to get back in, Alex and Sonny have been battling for power, and then there is Brady who has never lived up to his grandfather’s expectations. Alex is getting closer to Allie, not that Chanel has been arrested for murder. Sloan is keeping the secret of the person blackmailing Paulina tight-lipped, but the reveal unfolded this week when Chanel, while in police custody spilled the truth to Allie.

Chanel was responsible for killing Sloan’s mother by pushing her off a building in self-defense. Chanel was having an affair with her professor who was married to Sloan’s mother. Sloan has made it her mission to make Chanel and Paulina pay for trying to cover up her mother’s death as a suicide with hush money. Looks like Sloan has a valuable reason to bring down Paulina and her daughter. Alex and Stephanie are getting closer, as are Gabi and Stefan who continue to resist temptation as Li and Gabi move forward with a wedding that will ONLY end in disaster. How so? Johnny and Wendy have jetted off overseas to locate Dr. Rolf and his secret lab to get the Intel to neutralize EJ DiMera and Li Shin in the process.

Sonny on the other hand as I predicted is getting closer to Leo who is down on his luck. I expected this to transpire the moment that Will left Salem right after Sonny was injured by Clyde. Sonny is lonely people and lonely people turn to those who are available; Will should expect it, and will the pairing is not the most expected, what else should viewers expect considering Sonny has to have some sort of lover on the canvas?