SAN FRANCISCO—A man was arrested on suspicion of DUI on Saturday, May 23 after he collided with another vehicle while driving on the wrong side of South San Francisco’s Bayshore Drive.

The accident, which caused serious injuries to the elderly driver of the other vehicle, prompted a police and firefighter response to Bayshore Drive just north of the Interstate 101 on-ramp.

Upon arriving to the scene, authorities determined that the DUI suspect, identified as 24-year-old Rene Ramirez, lost control of his 1997 Lexus after crossing over a center divider. As his car moved in the wrong direction on southbound Bayshore, Ramirez collided with a 2006 Mercedes Benz that was being driven by an 82-year-old man.

Authorities determined that Ramirez was driving under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident. He was arrested at the scene and booked at the San Mateo County Jail.

Because of the severity of the elderly man’s injuries, which have been termed non-life threatening, Ramirez faces felony charges. No details on the victim’s condition has been released to the press.