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Dytanian Stringfellow Serves The Rich And Famous

Dytanian Stringfellow is servicing the world Los Angeles - Sa Francisco - New York – London.

HELLO AMERICA!—Since we are in the center of the awards season, I am very grateful to one of my industry friends, Terrance Bell for bringing to my attention Dytanian Stringfellow, Lux Pro LLC Director of Executive Services. Let’s face it, those of us connected with entertainment in every possible way, are forced to consider attending attire, transportation and all the other aspects of maintaining our position of being a member of “the” power membership itself.

As for Stringfellow, he is a 22-year veteran of VIP services. His career originated in Silicon Valley during the early 90s, with success for 14 years as Sales & Marketing Director of the largest and oldest VIP service was an extraordinary move forward.

Since his arrival in Los Angeles, Stringfellow has become one of the most sought-after individuals in the film & music industry, professional sports teams and Fortune 500 executive offices. They all hunger for his professional VIP advice and service for their worldwide operations.

This extraordinary man began his journey back in 1984, as a sales rep selling Cannon copiers and fax machines from door to door to downtown San Francisco businesses. He soon received an offer to work for American Tobacco, as Account Manager. He loved the position with a large company, but he and his family believed that selling cigarettes to people wasn’t ethical, health-wise. “So,” he offered, ”When the tobacco company went out of business, I had a desire to find a more rewarding career, that’s when I chose a position with a very large Silicon Valley VIP service provider.”

He had always admired the luxury VIP environment and looked for an exciting life changing force. Once becoming a member of the VIP environment his life did change drastically

“It was like a breath of fresh air,” he quickly noted, “helping people instead of hurting people was something very special to me as well as my family.” Stringfellow was soon promoted to Sales Manager within his first year and to Corporate Sales Manager the following year.

“Handling the VIP needs of corporations and important executives was challenging but very rewarding. I was able to experience personable client relationships and the VIP service situations that have shaped my way of solution providing today.  I learned to listen more, be empathetic to each client’s need and have flexible solutions for each request presented.”

Most Silicon Valley executives and companies knew of Stringfellow and his unfailing commitment to service as a top VIP solutions provider. He received a call from the owner of the largest and oldest VIP service in the San Francisco Bay Area, Phil Restivo, who wanted Dytanian to join his VIP team as his new Director of Sales & Marketing for him.  After consideration, Dytanian accepted the position and the rest is history.

“It was an exciting journey between San Francisco and Hollywood, dealing with VIP requests for the entertainment industry, executive corporate services and other major events.  I’m honored to have handled the personal VIP needs of such legends as Tony Bennett, Oprah Winfrey, Barbra Streisand, Muhammad Ali, San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders, coaches, the players, staff, and so many others.”

Stringfellow is the VIP service force behind LuxPro LLC.  His undying commitment to client satisfaction is unparalleled.  “I’m in the business of caring.”

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