UNITED STATES—Our emotions play a big part in our lives. Things happen to us in life that no matter how much we grow from those tragedies or events the scars still remain.  Why is that?  As human beings we sometimes wear our emotions on our selves.

Things happen to us that with time we are able to overcome, but we never quite forget what has transpired.  The mind is a wonderful thing.  We can recall glorious moments in our lives of extreme joy, but there are also those moments of sadness and fear that linger long after those events have ceased to take place.

It’s not the notion that we want to live in a sorrowful state of mind; it’s perhaps the idea of grappling with such events that have had a traumatic impact on shaping who we are as individuals.  It could be something tragic that we encounter as a child, a teen or even as an adult.  Then again for most of us it could be the notion of dealing with being bullied.  Bullying is such an epidemic in today’s society it’s hard to fathom why more hasn’t been done to protect our children.

While they’re only words for most people who are tormented, that’s the one thing people fail to realize: you may get over the trauma, but you never forget. Those words cut to the core and they linger in the mind for weeks, months and years to come.  Through therapy and time we’re able to move past those things, but the depiction of such events in a movie, a television show or in real life can bring those painful memories back in a matter of moments.

Why are some people good at masking their emotions?  They are protecting themselves from becoming vulnerable.  We live in a society where people take advantage of a person’s weaknesses, so if you are an emotional being and it shows it gives a person the opportunity to manipulate you to get what they want.  While wearing your emotions on your skin is not a good thing, keeping those emotions inside without expressing cannot be healthy.

Keeping how you truly feel embodied can cause you to explode in one of two ways: an emotional outburst of sadness or an emotional outburst of anger/rage.  It’s important to take out frustrations that you may be experiencing in a constructive way.  Either through exercise, reading, writing or any hobby that relaxes your mind.  We are emotional beings, but it’s better to express some emotion than no emotion at all.

By Trevor Roberts