HOLLYWOOD—Man, the third season of the FOX hit “Empire” has been a stay in your seat, can’t wait to see what happens thrill-ride since the end of season 2. Yes, I will admit, season two was ok, but it was not a must-see guilty pleasure like season 1. Well, season 3 has totally made up for it. After a season of twists, turns, betrayals and a ton of surprises, “Empire” viewers were treated to a finale that did not disappoint. SPOILER ALERT: if you have not yet watched the finale, I would refrain from further reading.

The episode kicked off with Lucious and Guiliana arriving in Vegas via helicopter. Jamal pleaded his case to Cookie about his decision to side with his father over her. Charlotte Fox made it clear to Lucious and Guiliana that she will not tolerate any ruckus in Las Vegas; little does she know Cookie has epic plans in play people. Andre and Shine discussed their plans to undermine Cookie to create theatrics to take down Lucious. Hakeem was not willing to budge on leaving New York without finding his daughter Bella first, even though Cookie and Lucious wanted their son to join them in Sin City.

Anika was making moves to leave the Lyon mansion, just as Lucious’ crazy mother, Leah, set things in motion to frame her enemy for the murder of Tariq. That woman is smarter than she looks. Andre got the opportunity to come face-to-face with Charlotte’s hubby, which made her uncomfortable to say the least. Looks like Jamal is about to make a love connection with someone who has the ability to sing just as well as him! Andre enjoyed his tactics to get the goods on Charlotte Frost, who got played while trying to do her best to play everyone else.

Back at the casino, Shine and his gang of goons arrived just as the masterplan came into the mix. Yuppers, Cookie and Guiliana had a tense conversation where, Lucious devoted his love to Cookie threw Guiliana out and returned the favor to the woman who wronged him so badly. It was epic to watch, and to finally see these two lovers get reunited was worth every moment. However, Jamal surprised his mother, but I suspect her masterplan is about to explode, and not in the best way people.

Cookie forced Shine to call off the melee after discovering both Jamal and Lucious were secretly working together all along. However, I wonder how Andre will respond to this news people. Lucious took to the stage to perform. Well, well we learned the DuBois family is up to no good, as that cute guy in the club that caught Jamal’s eye was nothing more than a ploy.

Hakeem delivered stunning news to the family that Anika located Bella, and he provided proof. However, Anika was not aware that she was about to take a big fall courtesy of Leah, Tariq and the authorities. Leah you better be careful. Lucious is lethal, and while you’re his mother, if you make waves you could dearly pay the price. Lucious and Cookie made a big decision, by making the announcement that they are planning to hand over the throne of the company to Andre, who was taken aback by his father handing the company over to him. For all the deception and backstabbing, his father still loves him beyond all the madness his son has endured. Father and son were bonded closer than they expected. Man it was a teary-eyed moment to say the least.

Andre made a big move that could lead to the demise to his father, but Shine was not ready to back down. He wanted retribution, even if it meant killing Lucious. An explosion erupted and Lucious threw Cookie to protect her, just as it looked like Luscious was a goner. However, we got a flashforward. Lucious was in a hospital bed in a coma, and we got the arrival of Demi Moore in an interesting role to say the least people.

Hmm, I’m desperate to see what tale this woman is about to weave. It was apparent that Lucious and this woman has some sort of bond I’m dying to understand, just as their father woke from his coma, but his memory was gone people. So with Anika arrested for Tariq’s murder, Lucious unable to remember his past, and Shine the culprit behind the hit, the Dubois family planning the Lyons take down, audiences have plenty to expect for season 4 of “Empire.”