HOLLYWOOD—It’s not quite clear if Lucius still has feelings for Cookie, but in last week’s episode he left a rose on her doorstep.

In last night’s episode, he gathers the family together to announce his engagement. Cookie, wearing nothing but a fur coat with lingerie underneath, expected to rekindle a romance her and Lucius once had.

As always, Cookie is known for making a scene and delivering sass. After hearing the news she storms out flashing her derriere at Anika, Lucius fiancé. Talk about drama! But that doesn’t stop Cookie from trying to build up her clientele.

Cookie decides to manage Elle Dallas after Empire decides to drop her from the label.

Dallas use to be Empire’s rising star back in the day, but since she hasn’t had a hit in over five years, due to drugs and alcohol, Cookie takes her up under her wing to try and rebuild her career the way it once was.

Lucius agreed to sign over Elle to Cookie. Lucius will do anything in his power to keep her from prying in on his personal business. We all know Lucius has secrets.

And speaking of secrets, Lucius finally admits to his long-time friend and business partner, Vernon about murdering Bunkie.

Raven-Symone makes a grand appearance as "Olivia" on Empire.
Raven-Symone makes a grand appearance as “Olivia” on Empire.

Vernon not only realizes that Andre, the oldest son, lied to the detectives about his father’s whereabouts the night of the murder, but now he has to come up with a scheme to keep the detectives off of Lucius back.

The most accomplishing moment in this episode was Jamal. His career is finally taking off and it’s clear how talented he is.

Too bad it’s not for certain if things are going to work out for him and his partner. As Jamal begins to become more famous, he’s having less time for his beau. Not only that, it looks like he may even have baby momma drama!

The ending of the show brought us with a major cliffhanger when Raven-Symone made an appearance as: Olivia with a little girl, claiming that Jamal is the father.

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