HOLLYWOOD—Lucius’ illness is getting worse and worse. It’s almost sad the way he’s been keeping his illness a secret to his family, but in the latest episode he reveals all.

From the beginning of the episode, Lucius begins to experience side-effects from his illness, causing him to faint and later be omitted into the hospital.

At first he denies what’s wrong with him, claiming that it was food poisoning, but later has to beg Cookie to host Empire’s grand opening show after he loses his voice.

His condition is not getting any better and he’s finally starting to realize it. What’s odd is how he tells his soon to be wife Anika about his illness before his own children. The children are considered the “immediate family.”

While Lucius secret is unraveling, the boys are dealing with their own issues. On the previous episode, Jamal finds out that he has a daughter. The mother, Olivia, runs off and leaves the child with him.  Now, Jamal has to take on the biggest responsibility he’s ever had.

You would think Jamal would take a DNA test, but right now he has too much on his plate. Luckily Jamal and his father have been getting along. Lucius offered to let his daughter live with him until they find the mother.

Hakeem is working on fixing things between him and Camilla, the older women, whom he loves to call “momma.” The show never said what Camilla did or how she met Hakeem at first, but it’s later revealed that she does advertising and works in marketing firms.

Towards the end of the show, Elle, Empire’s first rising star, is found by Cookie high, drunk and unable to perform.

We later discover that it was Anika whose jealously prompted her to spike Elle’s drink in an attempt to take down Cookie, to bad it didn’t work.

Cookie still managed to pull off a terrific show even when Anika tried to make her look like a fool. It also brought Lucius and Cookie very close. Not just kissing close, but there was some sexual intimacy.

The show ended with Lucius and Cookie in bed together after he informs his family about his illness. Anika was supposed to be gone on a business trip, but it was cut short.

She later returns home seeing Lucius and Cookie in bed together. She just stops and stares in the doorway.

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