HOLLYWOOD—I will admit if there is one soap faltering with fascinating storylines for the month of February it would have to be “The Bold and the Beautiful.” The series which has been known to unfold major storylines in the recent years during this time of year, has kept things fairly quiet in my opinion the past few weeks.

Perhaps the biggest storyline, which isn’t the most interesting I must admit, is the entire take down Rick Forrester at Forrester Creations. Yes, the young one has been a bit of a tyrant with his heightened level of power, but those wanting to take him down have little reason for it.

Now that Hope is out of the picture (for now), Wyatt and Liam seem to have very little to do on the canvas. So to prevent his cousin Caroline, and his beau Ivy from having to further endure Rick’s unflinching demands, the Spencer protégés decide to take action. To fully get his plan going, Rick will need the assistance of his former flame Steffy, who isn’t quite sure about joining the chaos.

I mean Steffy does have a past with Rick, as well as with Liam, so I guess the larger question is who has a larger portion of her heart. It appears Liam, uh; this complicated love triangle just gets more complicated by the minute. First it was Liam, Hope and Steffy, then Liam, Hope, Wyatt, now we add Steffy and Ivy to the mix and things are bound to explode.

While his sons are busy manifesting a takeover, Bill is once again rushing to get to the altar. This guy just never seems to learn. First with Brooke, now with Katie, patience is virtue Bill. I have a large inkling that Brooke who is using the bottle to cope with her loneliness will find a way to stop this ruse of a marriage. Seems like on “The Bold and the Beautiful” characters fall in and out of love so easily!

Speaking of new couples, Ridge and Caroline made it official of their relationship status by making their first pubic outing at Bill and Katie’s wedding. Let’s just say Bill, Katie, Brooke and a host of others were none to pleased with the arrival of the new lovebirds. Must say they do make an interesting couple, the chemistry between Thorsten Kaye and Lindsey Godfrey is undeniable; it just works!

The only other action happening in the beautiful city of Los Angeles is the Quinn, Brooke and Deacon love triangle. Its apparent Brooke isn’t fully interested in Deacon, but she continues to use him as a pawn in her quest to make herself feel wanted. Deacon evidently misconstrues this as meaning he still has a chance with the woman he loves.

There is one slight problem: a woman named Quinn. Quinn is a bit bonkers to say the least, and it doesn’t help that she already tried to kill Liam, may have been the cause of Hope’s miscarriage and has stalker written all over her face. She has already made threats to Brooke, so I fear if she doesn’t back off some deadly consequences could be in the mix for a few characters on “B&B.” I mean when was the last time a major character bit it on this soap besides the great Stephanie Forrester.

Well the soap still has one more week to ramp up some storylines to get the viewers engaged if you ask me. “The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays on CBS.