“Empire” Recap: ‘The Devil Quotes Scriptures

The Lyons family in the third episode of "Empire" during their family dinner while tension rises between Lucius and Jamal.

HOLLYWOOD—So here’s the rundown from last night’s episode of “Empire” if you missed it. The show begins with Tiana, the one who Hakeem has a crush on, shooting her new music video. She is one of the new artist Lucius (Terrence Howard) has signed to Empire label.

Meanwhile, Lucius is making funeral arrangements for his long-time friend “Bunkie,” whom he murdered in the first episode. We later discover that there was an eye witness to the crime.

Nine minutes into the show Cookie (Taraji P. Henson), makes her appearance, as she tries to persuade her second oldest son Jamal (Jussie Smollett), who is also gay, to let an old friend of hers Puma (Cuba Gooding Jr.), write a song for him.

As you’ve seen in the past two episodes, there is a lot of shadiness that runs in the Lyons family. Anika, Lucius wife, has a detective spy on Cookie. This gives Lucius reason to believe that Cookie has made a deal with the FEDS.

It’s clear she made a deal. In fact, that is why she got out of prison early. No one is sentenced 30 years and gets out in 17 on “Good Behavior.” Luckily, Cookie knows how to spin a story, as she convince Lucius that the women taking the photos with her is her probation officer.

Other familiar faces we haven’t seen in a while, made a quick appearance as well on the show. Gladys Knight, opened up the scene singing at Bunkie’s funeral and Camilla, played by Naomi Campbell also made an appearance, as Hakeem’s secret lover.

Yes, Hakeem, the youngest in the family has been dating an older woman for the past year! It’s unclear of his motives with Tiana, but in one scene it is certain that Hakeem wants to be an artists and not take over his father’s company.

The detectives finally question the witness, a homeless man named “Old Salty,” by bribing him with a six-pack of beer.

Old Salty repeats scriptures from the bible, giving the detectives clues as to whom he saw. The detectives finally figure it out: Lucius is the murderer. They decide to not reveal it to the family and informs them that there are no leads in the investigation.

Later on, Lucius has a family dinner, where Jamal played his new song, which Lucius felt should be given to another artist. Jamal storms out with his lover and heads home.

Leading into the final minutes of the show, that same night, Lucius visits Jamal, expressing to him how he doesn’t understand his own son. Right when you think there will be a heart to heart moment between father and son, things just get uglier.

In a laughing matter, Lucius reminds his son of the material things he pays for, such as the apartment, the car, etc. Jamal decides to show his father he doesn’t need him by packing his bags and moving out.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode of “Empire” at 9 p.m. on FOX.