UNITED STATES—I recently had an interesting conversation with someone about rather it is fully possible to control your thoughts. I’m a firm believer of positive thoughts, but you’re not going to sit here and tell me that someone can be positive 24/7; I just don’t believe it and I know it’s not possible. It’s like comparing yourself to Ned Flanders from the animated series “The Simpsons.” Someone or something is going to transpire that causes you to lose it at some point.

So the purpose of this conversation is to discuss why some of us have never-ending thoughts that just test the mind and the brain on a consistent basis. I have worked on exercises where I take deep breathes, I meditate and I try everything possible to clear my head of things that might be causing me to be anxious or stressed. I will admit the deep breathing exercises really work; it allows my mind to have no thoughts whatsoever, which I absolutely enjoy.

I think when you throw in the notion of work and the never-ending projects that some of us have to complete, it leads to even more stress. I hate to say it, but it is so true America. As soon as the work week begins, I’m ready for it to be over; I just focus on getting things done so I’m NOT stressed or thinking about it the next day. I think a lot of our thoughts are dictated by our behaviors, specifically when it comes to procrastination.

If you procrastinate you are putting something off that perhaps you could have completed, but you decided to place it on the back burner. So as a tip, I always try to complete things in advance. I feel so much better knowing things have been completed versus worrying if something has been done or not. This is especially important when it comes to sleep.

Things that cause worry or stress prevent you from getting a quality amount of sleep. I will admit being active, rather it’s exercising, cleaning or cooking; they can help you occupy your thoughts. I tell people sometimes the worst thing you can do is sit in a quiet room and just allow those negative thoughts to wander. You can also control your thoughts by doing things that bring you joy. By reading a book, watching a movie, listening to music, drawing, shopping, whatever brings you a moment of peace is a great way to control your thoughts.

For some, you might be suffering from anxiety and as a result you might need to seek treatment to help better control your thoughts and improve your mental health. Don’t assume, but speak to your doctor first before making any impromptu decisions. The one thing we all have to realize is that we do indeed all have thoughts that we simply cannot just shut off with a click of a switch. Being able to manage your thoughts is important. You want to be in control of your behavior, do not allow your thoughts to dictate your behavior.

Think about positive things, focus on positive and draw in that energy to attract the things that you want to come your way in life. Remember the more you think about it the more likely it is to transpire, but at the same time you have to be realistic with those positive thoughts as well.

Written By Kelsey Thomas