SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department announced on Monday, October 26 that starting Tuesday, December 1, Golden Gate Park’s Peacock Meadow will be transformed into an enchanted wonderland installation named “Entwined.”

The installation is designed by a local San Franciscan artist, Charles Gadeken, and will be up in time to celebrate Golden Gate Park’s 150th Anniversary.

SF Recreation and Parks stated in a press release that this whimsical wonderland will allow visitors to “explore paths” and “sit under a grove of three entwined sculptural trees” as tall as 30 feet. The trees’ canopies and the neighboring bushes will feature changing LED lights to resemble nature’s ever changing beauty.

“The variety of lighting effects are inspired by nature and build a sense of awe: Raindrops on the pavement, lighting and thunderstorms, wind blowing tall grass and flowers, and ripples on a pond,” said the SF Recreation and Parks in a statement.

“Entwined” rendering for Golden Gate Park.
“Entwined” rendering for Golden Gate Park.
“Entwined” rendering for Golden Gate Park.

“Entwined” will run through February 29, 2021 with the possibility of being extended to June 1.

Visitors will be made to abide by COVID-19 guidelines such as social distancing once the exhibit opens.

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