HOLLYWOOD—Yeah, when Eric Forrester dropped that bomb on Quinn and Carter on “The Bold and the Beautiful” the first thing I thought is he has to be kidding right? Nope, Eric was not kidding one bit, he wants Carter to have sex with his wife because he is unable to do so because of his erectile dysfunction. Carter was speechless, Quinn was on the verge of tears figuratively and literally America. Her husband still wanted her to be his wife, but have relations with another man; one who works for him.

In essence, it is indeed an open marriage people, and the three were doing the best in their power to navigate around this crazy situation. Making matters worse was the fact that Ridge and Brooke could see that something was wrong with Eric and Quinn’s relationship, as well as Katie. They pried and pried, until Eric eventually told them to butt out and I have to agree. Ridge and Brooke focus your energies elsewhere. In Ridge’s case, I can see his concern, Brooke not so much. She hates Quinn and when she discovers what is going on she is going to flip out to find out what Carter and Quinn are up to.

Even Wyatt, Quinn’s son, realizes his mom is on edge, and can sense the chemistry that lingers between Carter and Quinn. After much chatter, Carter and Quinn gave into passion once again, at Eric’s request, but the guilt is still eating them alive. With that said, it looks like someone besides Eric, Quinn and Carter will discover what is going on. Who is that someone? Justin, you remember him, Bill Spencer’s right hand man who kidnapped Thomas Forrester and framed Bill and Liam for Vinny’s murder.

Yeah, the writers tossed that storyline as soon as the big reveal did not yield the results they expected. Justin has become Ridge’s minion in his request to stay out of prison. That agreement involved him gathering dirt on Bill. At this point, nothing has come of it, but Justin has been summoned to see what is going on with Quinn and Carter. There is more of that mission that will be unearthed in the coming week.

With that said, the only other drama worth chatting about is Sheila Carter. Her little fainting spell did not yield the results she expected as Finn decided he had to cut his birth mother OUT OF HIS LIFE! Sheila did not like that one bit and she flipped out as a result. You know when Sheila unleashes anger that is not a good sign people, not one bit. So what does it all mean? Steffy Forrester is in major danger if I must say. Sheila doesn’t like being told what to do and cutting her off from her grandson and son that is an issue of contention America.

Sheila made her presence known at the cliff house once again, this time resulting in Steffy seeking out that restraining order to ensure her mother-in-law stays clear of her, her children and Finn. The war is brewing and the only thing I’m worried about is who will be a casualty as a result? I mean we have Liam and Hope poking their nose a bit. Look we’ve had enough of you two in the past year, go back to the cabin and stay awhile, the viewers need a break from you two.

Oh, Paris is indeed crushing majorly on Finn. This did seem to come out of left field people, but Paris is that listening ear for Finn who is conflicted about the situation involving Sheila. It has gotten so bad that Paris is fantasizing about kissing Finn, which means we could have a cheating scandal on the horizon on “B&B.” To be honest it would not be the worst thing Finn did considering Steffy slept with Liam and was this close to having his baby people. It would be like Finn paying Steffy back for cheating on him if we are being completely honest America. This is a tale to watch on “The Bold and the Beautiful” because it is indeed developing.