HOLLYWOOD—Sometimes the best thing you can have in the soap arena is a great villainess, and “General Hospital” has that with Esme Price. This youngster is cunning, calculated, daring and not afraid to make waves in Port Charles. The audience is well aware that Esme was responsible for recording that video of Cameron and Josslyn having sex and leaking it on the internet. She has pushed the blame onto Trina which no one believes, so she has unleashed her anger onto Spencer, who has defended Trina.

That is what Esme didn’t want. Spencer has a torch for Trina, something that Esme cannot break. Also we have to bid adieu to Sydney Mikayla who has vacated the role of Trina, and I must admit I miss the actress. She just clicked on all cylinders with the other actors and actresses in her core group people. We have to give it a bit of time for the new actress to get into her grove and for the audience to get used to her. However, Esme REALLY amped up the revenge factor delivering a tip to the police and using that phone she purchased and ‘swapped’ as Trina’s to frame her to the police.

So this has led to an epic moment that everyone in Port Charles including Jordan Ashford, knows Trina did NOT record that video and release it to the public. Jordan Ashford annoys me as a character; she has a dual notion of what others can’t do, yet she will do it when it suits her. I will admit I was a fan of both actresses who previously portrayed Jordan Vinessa Antoine and Brianna Henry. They were great, the new actress, I’m not feeling so much people. Maybe I have to give it a bit more time.

However, Esme Price has made a TON of enemies: Josslyn, Cameron, Carly, Trina, Portia, Taggert, Ava, Spencer, Laura, Kevin and the list is continuing to climb. Trina’s arrest has led to everyone rallying around her including Ava Jerome, this might ignite this war even more between Esme and Ava in her quest to take down the woman who injured her father, Ryan, who has been plotting a demise from behind the scenes people. Ava stormed into the Port Charles Police Department advocating that Trina is innocent and this framing has Esme written all over it.

Why is this potent? It looks like Esme’s next game plan is to take down Nikolas Cassadine and with her faking pregnancy and letting the waterworks drop about NOT having anywhere to live. Nikolas feel for it hook, line and sinker people. Why Nikolas feels so sorry for this young women who caused havoc in Ava and his romance people. Explain it. The writing seems to be on the wall that Nikolas and Esme may end up in bed people, I just don’t see any way around it.

Sonny kidnapped Esme after learning about the video involving Josslyn. You don’t want to have Sonny Corinthos as an enemy people. She put on the waterworks which explained Nikolas latest stunt. With everything pointing to Esme, this potential fake pregnancy is going to be her ticket to weasel out of this controversy. Will she pay the price? Ultimately, but not before more havoc unfolds.

Another shocker was the reveal that Harmony, Harmony of all people was responsible for Neil Byrne’s overdose 2 years ago! Yeah, this absolutely came out of left field and tons of questions are now up in the air people. I want to know precisely WHO ordered Harmony to commit the deed and was this all part of a plan to get closer to Alexis or some other mission. At first I thought Cyrus, but then I’m thinking nope. My money is pegged on Victor Cassadine pulling the strings from behind the scenes, but I don’t know just why yet people.