HOLLYWOOD—Well, the villainess that you love to hate is back in the flesh on “General Hospital.” I’m referring to Esme Prince who made her wicked return to Port Charles last week. Of course, viewers all knew that Esme was not dead. If you don’t find a body that is clear sign the person is likely alive and waiting to strike. If there is anyone Esme wants to get back at it would be Nikolas and Ava Jerome. Ava tossed her off the parakeet and left her for dead, and Ava felt heroic after being released from the hospital.

Why? She went to visit Ryan Chamberlain of all people and Ava you are SO CLOSE to the truth and the danger lurking. She gloated about Esme being dead, causing Ryan to rage on the inside. If Ava had paid a bit more attention she would have realized Ryan doesn’t have locked in syndrome as he claims, he is very mobile and that makes him more dangerous than ever. Remember when I thought that Esme might NOT be Ryan’s daughter, well I’m convinced now more than ever she is indeed his daughter, and Felicia is likely her mother, but we’re still waiting for those dots to be connected.

Ryan still has a torch for Ava so that is a dangerous obsession and it means anyone who intervenes with his masterplan to rip Ava and Nikolas apart could pay the price with their life. I know everyone thought Esme was the hook after Diane noted her attacker was a woman, but surprise, surprise, Esme made it clear that she is not the culprit, so that means who could it be. Hints are point to Holly, yes, Holly, the woman who was presumed dead and being held captive against her will might be behind the hoodie.

I don’t know if I like that as a reveal because the motive and the shock factor just doesn’t add up as a viewer in my opinion, so the writers are going to have to reevaluate that notion if you ask me people. However, Victor is thinking he is the puppet master, after getting his hands on that letter and recording that Nikolas did confessing to Esme’s murder. Victor is not joking as he noted he would kill Nikolas if he did not divorce his wife. So Nikolas agreed, and Valentin was in lock step as he continues to work behind the scenes to reunite with Charlotte who Victor is holding captive. Anna is helping Valentin with the mission, but neither still have confirmation of what this big master plan Victor is working on, but Robert got tipped off by one of Victor’s spies who is working for Mayor Laura Collins. C’mon Robert, you’re smarter than this, you have to know this woman is up to no good.

I will be honest this is indeed driving me NUTS people, because it feels like this has been teased for over 6 months and the audience still has NO IDEA what Victor is up to and why. He has gone toe-to-toe with a lot of people, including Sonny Corinthos and the fact that all The Hook victims seem to be connected to Sonny says something. Well that was until the latest attack people. I mean Oz, the guy who sold Esme that burner phone and who helped exonerate Trina came face-to-face with the hook and his no longer breathing as a result.

So what does that mean? It means whoever this assailant is, they are targeting random people which means anyone can be in danger and with November Sweeps ramping up, I fear we might see a big murder or two to shock viewers as a result. To be honest I’m all for it because it would allow the soap opera to knock off a few characters who are not crucial to the soap and who are just occupying space people. There is nothing like a murder mystery to get rid of some people. Oz being taken out just makes little to no sense, but it opens up this mystery so much more America.

Drew and Carly are continuing to bond a far distance from Port Charles, as Carly considered changing her last name. At the same time, Dex and Michael found themselves in a precarious predicament. Dex was near death in a freezer, but Michael and Josslyn rescued him, but I’m certain it raised flags for Sonny who was already questioning why Michael was so interested in Dex. Um, he’s a plant for Michael who is looking to take down his father. Michael, Sonny shot Dante in the chest and nearly killed him when he discovered he was a plant, Dante is his blood son. Guess what? You’re not his blood son, so who do you think will pay the price when the truth comes out?

Likely Dex, and the writers are all, but signaling that Josslyn and Dex will hookup at some point, even though he has been warned by Sonny and Michael to stay clear of Josslyn. That chemistry is palpable people so we will see what occurs. Liz is getting closer to solve the truth from her childhood, but it seems to be connected to Finn’s first love and I’m eager to see how Reiko and this mystery plays out America. Brooke Lynn and Chase continue to dance around temptation even though it is clear Chase is no longer interested in playing games.

Their chemistry is epic people. Brando’s funeral got underway this week, and the mourning was tough, just as it has become clearer to the audience that Curtis is indeed Trina’s father and Portia has been lying. Jordan knows the truth, the ladies had a spar of words and its likely to hit the fan before the two walk down the aisle. Yeah, expect Portia, Trina, Curtis and Taggert to have their lives blown apart when this bomb is dropped. Jordan warned you Portia that Curtis does not like lies and this is a MASSIVE ONE! Oh, by the way Esme was caught by Nikolas, where she dropped a bomb: she’s pregnant! If Ava was livid before, this changes everything people.