HOLLYWOOD—I did not expect Finn to spiral so quickly after the death of his father Gregory Chase. First it started with the drinking, but now he has reached a point to where he is hooking up with random strangers on “General Hospital.” He was caught smooching another woman by Elizabeth, who was so thrown back by what she was witnessing she couldn’t say anything.

He got hammered with alcohol after Gregory’s memorial which prompted worry from Brook Lynn, Chase and Liz. They are all attempting to rally around Finn in his time of need, but as he carefully pointed out to Liz he was addicted to drugs not alcohol. It feels like the writing is pushing towards a direction where Finn is about to do something that is going to have epic aftereffects, precisely what that is, I’m not sure yet, but it does have me concerned.

Chase and Brook Lynn are looking to obtain custody of Violet to protect her from Finn’s spiral. The brothers who weren’t so close, but become close are about to be quite distant yet again, as things are turning ugly.

In a massive development, Anna has learned that Valentin is running Pikeman. How so? Brennan and Valentin got messing hiring goons to take out Jason Morgan? Valentin have you forgotten that Jason is a hitman, a hitman, if you’re sending two people to try to take him out at Sonny’s place of business they better be pros. Yes, I did suspect for a minute that perhaps Sonny put out the hit on Jason, as did Diane and Jason himself, but then when you take a moment back it becomes clear: that is way too easy.

Cates paid a visit and bragged about throwing Sonny in jail once and for all, but it feels like Cates is going to have egg on his face in the end. Anna heard directly from Valentin giving her confirmation when he answered that call from the deceased hitman that he was the one that set the violent events in motion and his goal to take out Jason and ultimately Sonny in the process.

Valentin, you’re a WSB agent, but you have proven to be a bit sloppy. Looks like love and Anna is his Achilles Heel, and she plans to find the evidence she needs to prove her former lover is the head of Pikeman and might be culpable in a lot of other antics that have unfolded in recent months. Brennan, what the hell is this guy thinking, sneaking out of the hospital to meet Valentin? Do these two actually think they haven’t been spotted on camera or by someone?

Jason wanted to go immediately to Cates with the information Anna obtained, but as she pointed out they have no concrete evidence, just that she heard his voice. Yes, Jason would love to get from underneath Cates, but I wonder how Carly will respond when she discovers precisely what Jason risked protecting her from going to jail.

Kristina is feeling the pressure more and more as her pregnancy moves along. She is tired of Molly and TJ monitoring her every move, just as she realizes her father is not who she suspects. The pressure is indeed getting to her, and with a bit of strife in her relationship with Blaze that only makes things worse. Speaking of Blaze, her mom, Natalia had a hot mic moment, one she isn’t aware of just yet because Ava secretly recorded her.

Sure Ava, you had no idea you recorded this woman who has some outlandish remarks when it comes to those who fall in love with the same sex. Ava is totally going to use this to her advantage, especially as she feels threatened by this woman, and her list of enemies is growing by the minute, Nina, Alexis, who’s next.

I pray the writers are not looking for a Liz and Jason romance, but after he came to her rescue with Finn one has to wonder. I don’t see Jason and Carly as an item, but at some point, Jason is going to need a love interest people. Nina is still resisting temptation from Drew, who has moved to a direction of politics. Carly was a concerned as it will unearth his connection to the mob via Jason, and his recent stint in jail. Drew in politics is an interesting development, how it turns out is the question of the hour.