SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Bay Area LNU Lightning Complex was 35 percent contained with 371,000 acres affected. The containment was up from 33 percent just two days before on Wednesday, August 26 reported California Governor Gavin Newsom during a press briefing on Friday, August 28.

He reported that the other active wildfires throughout California were progressing with containment. The CZU Lightning Complex was contained to 26 percent, up from being 19 percent contained two days before on Wednesday, with 81,000 acres affected. The SCU Lightning Complex reached 35 percent containment, up from 25 percent on Wednesday, totaling 368,000 acres impacted.

The August Fire was 17 percent contained, up from 11 percent containment on Wednesday, August 26 affecting 197,000 acres. The Sheep Fire was 30 percent contained, up from only 3 percent containment, and 29,000 acres affected. The Sequoia Forest Fire, which Governor Newsom said was “of particular importance and concern,” had zero percent containment as of August 28; that is the same percentage it had on Wednesday, affecting 23,000 acres. The Governor assured that California firefighters will “continue to make progress despite (the Sequoia Fire’s) stubborn containment numbers.”