SAN FRANCISCO—On Monday, October 12, park rangers rescued a man in distress on the trail of Fort Funston.

According to a Twitter release from the San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD) at 10:31 a.m., rangers found the man “blue, not breathing, and saved his life.” The victim was taken to the ER and is expected to recover. 

Lieutenant Jonathan Baxter, Public Information Officer for the SFFD, reported live from the John Muir trail gate as the individual was located at 10:08 a.m.

“At this time we are bringing this individual up with moderate technical rescue equipment so that we can get them to an ambulance and to a local hospital,” he said in the initial incident report.

In a follow-up report, Baxter stated the man was loaded into the ambulance. He additionally thanked off duty battalion chiefs and firefighters from the coastal rescue station who were on a run and came to aid the rescue efforts. 

On September 20, a parent and child were rescued from a cliff at Fort Funston. They were rescued by firefighters using ropes and pulleys. The father told ABC 7 SF, they left a marked trail near the cliff edge and ended up at the bottom, 70 feet below. “Just hiking around and you take one wrong turn, and the next thing you know, the sand takes away leaves your feet, and the next thing you know, you’re halfway down the cliff.” 

After the father and son’s rescue, Lt. Baxter told ABC 7, “Although this resulted in no injuries and a successful rescue, it could also in injuries or death. We ask that you please stay on the trail.”