HOLLYWOOD—I always find it interesting with the snap of a finger, how quickly friends can become enemies in the soap arena. Well, “The Bold and the Beautiful” is proving that it’s imperative to keep your enemies close, but your friends even closer. Liam’s world has been turned upside down with the revelation that his fiancé Steffy is already married to his brother Wyatt. It seems like every time these two brothers get close to repairing their relationship, something erupts that changes everything.

Liam is fuming mad, and lashing out at everyone, but the person who should watch out is Quinn Fuller. The woman is indeed losing her mind and risking her freedom by deciding to pay Liam a visit in hopes of rekindling their love. Does Quinn have any idea that she is placing herself in a situation where Liam could snap and take her out? Their confrontation this week gave audiences a glimpse of Liam that has rarely been seen: his dark side. Everyone has a dark side; it just takes a certain push to force it to emerge.

Perhaps, the biggest rift in friendships is that between Ridge and Katie. Yes, these two used to be lovers and were on the verge of also getting married, but Katie’s recent spiral has opened a new door. Katie was first to witness Ridge’s tense conversation with his fertility doctor who was ready to spill the beans about the paternity of Caroline’s son. Hmm, how convenient that he was tragically killed in a car accident.

Ridge might have thought his troubles were long gone, but Katie witnessed something that isn’t sitting well with her and it looks like Ridge is ready to do ANYTHING to prevent the truth from coming out. Looks like this is just the ammunition that Rick needs to finally take his older brother down once and for all; well, Ridge and Rick aren’t really brothers if we’re biologically speaking. Fans are well aware that Katie is not one to let something go when she gets a hunch, so I expect her to be the first to discover that Caroline’s baby daddy is Ridge’s son, Thomas!

The one friendship we can’t forget is that between BFFs Sasha and Nicole. Yes, when Sasha came to town it was apparent that these two were just in awe of each other. Well, a lot has changed. Viewers are aware that Sasha is Julius’ daughter and Nicole’s half-sister. To make matters worse, Sasha and Zende (Nicole’s former boyfriend) have hooked up.

Sasha has been frivolously boasting the deed to anyone who will listen to her, but that is not a good sign. Why? Well, because she has alienated Rick, Maya, Nicole, Julius, Vivienne and now Zende. It looks like Nicole was ready to rip her pal’s face off when she learned about her latest hook-up. What’s worse, it seems Julius is pushing all the wrong buttons. He keeps forgetting Sasha could literally blow his world apart by revealing that she is his daughter, and with this girl’s emotional state I see the truth coming out around May sweeps.

The Avant clan should prepare for an epic fireball, one that could cause ripple effects. I’m seriously starting to fear for the safety of Nicole’s unborn child. Hmm, I’m starting to wonder what other friendships will fracture in the coming weeks. I’m still trying to wrap my mind on how in the world Deacon could rekindle his love/friendship with Quinn after she attempted to kill him? Like this guy must be just as crazy as her. Only time will tell. “The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays on CBS at 1:30 p.m.